Friday, October 12, 2012

granola girls

 We went to the library on thursday.  I was watching avrie for kaelie so avrie came along.  while walking we saw britt and zachie in the distance and hurried to catch up to them.  eventually kaelie met up with us and entertained the kids while britt, vanessa and I took Julia, Owen and Olivia to babytime.
 2 years ago we used to call ourselves the granola girls.  (due to the general lack or makeup or care for personal appearance on most days - plus its a spin on golden girls).  Kaelie britt and I didn't know any other moms and were all each other had.  we used to walk to babytime every thursday (the stroller bridgade!) and have lunch after.  It was fun being the three of us, but not as fun as it is now!  We have been so blessed to meet many new friends over the past year.  It is so fun to share this special time (of our kids growing up) together with many wonderful families (:
 vanessa and owen in the distance.  Julia going for the bubbles!!!  You go girl!
 more bubbles.  this girl is very mobile!
 granola girl lunch.  since we have to walk the same way to get home we usually end up congregating somewhere to eat.  this is a pic of spaghetti pie (yes, in reference to the food and the person!).  i think zachie had a good time despite his glum face in the picture.  see this blog post for a picture of an original granola girl lunch, and the last picture on this blog post for a picture of all 3 kids actually eating about 1 year ago.  Its odd to think I've lived here long enough to be nostalgic!
thanks for being my granola girls!  (and boy, zachie)

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Kaelie said...

Fun Times! thanks for documenting that!