Friday, October 12, 2012

for uncle steven

 do you want some help hunting this weekend?
 anna might not want to pose for a picture
 but im sure she would love to help you look for deer.
its a given that julia would have a good time anywhere she goes.

love you!  thanks for the ipad.  best birthday present ever.  we shouldn't be allowed to use it until we find a richard and nicole proof CASE!  (notice that richard and nicole are a lot worse than anna, water, wind or fire....)  luvs.


Trina said...

I love the camo photos!!! I am sure they will be great hunters! Just kidding. Anna is way too sweet to hurt any animal. I think it would make her cry. :)

Vanessa said...

Love this!! Loving the camo on thous sweet girls! O and they do have a water proof, dust proof, shock proof case. They are called lifeproof! Best thing Ive ever invested in. They have a website too. Here's the web site!!