Saturday, March 31, 2012

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

last day as a 1 child woman

tomorrow is my last day as a mother of one baby.  we're getting induced friday at 6am.  5 days is all she gets to come on her own. 

Anna likes snakes and turtles

Monday, March 26, 2012

slime time

 Anna really likes playing in the gutter in front of our house.  Its really gross because it runs all year and grows a lot of moss (that's oregon for you.....).  Today my friend Hannah came over to play with Anna while I got some things done.  Hannah took some great pictures of her playing in the gutter slime.  She was giggling the WHOLE TIME, she loves anything dirty and nasty.  Crazy girl.  Thank you Hannah!

Sunday, March 25, 2012

induction of labor

So I did a quick pubmed search about labor induction.
I found a good review article:

I'm tired of people telling me things I need to do.  I've heard it all before - no really - for 2 weeks with anna and now more with Opal (if rich allows that to be her name).

This is a chart from the article, I bolded the ones most people recommend to me.  I wish they would have put the cooky ones like elevators, bumpy car rides and trampoline jumping but I bet they fit in homeopathic methods........

method                                                     quality of evidence/harm vs benefit    grade of recc.

Vaginal PGE2ModerateTrade-offsStrong
Cervical PGE2ModerateNet benefitsStrong
Intravenous oxytocinModerateTrade-offsStrong
AmniotomyModerateUncertain trade-offsWeak
Intravenous oxytocin plus AmniotomyModerateTrade-offsStrong
Vaginal misoprostolModerateTrade-offsStrong
Oral misoprostolModerateTrade-offsStrong
Mechanical methodsModerateTrade-offsWeak
Membrane sweepingModerateNet benefitsStrong
Extra-amniotic prostaglandinsModerateNo net benefitStrong (against)
Intravenous prostaglandinsModerateNet harmsStrong (against)
Oral prostaglandinsModerateNet harmsStrong (against)
MifepristoneModerateNet harmsWeak
OestrogensVery LowUncertain trade-offsWeak
CorticosteroidsVery LowUncertain trade-offsWeak
RelaxinModerateUncertain trade-offsWeak
HyaluronidaseVery lowUncertain trade-offsWeak
Castor oilVery LowNet harmsStrong (against)
AcupunctureModerateNo net benefitWeak
Breast stimulationModerateUncertain trade-offsWeak
Sexual intercourseVery lowUncertain trade-offsWeak
Homeopathic MethodsVery lowUncertain trade-offsWeak
Isosorbide mononitrateModerateUncertain trade-offsWeak
Buccal or sublingual misoprostolModerateTrade-offsStrong
HypnosisVery lowNo net benefitWeak

"due" date

It's not happening today.

To refresh my memory of how this feels I read my blog from 2 years ago.

I think we might give acupuncture a try this time.  I have a Dr. appt in the morning and we'll see what dates we can set up to induce then.

Saturday, March 24, 2012

lamb and lion of a spring


Thursday:  (didn't have my camera - but it snowed enough to make big snowmen)

 More of saturday.  Hiking Magnes Tree farm loop.  Did it induce labor?  No.
 I'm still big as a boat.
 When we got home from hiking richard worked on our cold frame for the garden.
 Anna helped.
While they worked outside I made some roasted brussel sprouts.  I just wanted to document how anna chows down on these things.  She LOVES them!

Sunday, March 18, 2012

the nursery

 Well I wanted the nursery to match this minerva tichert picture I have, but then I wanted to make this thing for above her bed and I was just practicing on the scrapbook paper I had - and then I went to my surprise shower later that day and the quilt I got matched the scrapbook paper I used - so walla instant nursery!!  Isn't it cute?
this is the corner with the recliner that I sleep in often.  I tend to like the greens and reds for some reason. I like the pictures of christ with sheep because that's what I think of with children - we're leading sheep and FEEDING sheep - lots of feeding the sheeps will happen in that chair (:

Anyways we're just waiting for the baby here.  I've got nothing planned with week - well I take that back, I've got a few things planned but mostly I'm just hoping she comes early.  We'll see what the OB says tomorrow morning.
Richard and I feel like we're just passing the time until she comes.  Which is silly because that's what we're going to do after she comes!  Here's richard in his typical place, sitting in the crappy chair in the living room playing words with friends on the nuk while watching march madness.  crazy kid.

Friday, March 16, 2012


 Anna and I had our friend Eve over for the whole day.  I don't think I've ever watched someone younger than Anna all day before.  It was great!  She was a happy and easy baby.  We headed over to our friend Becky's house for lunch at about 2:45 and SURPRISE!  Some of my very best friends in Sherwood were there having a surprise baby shower for me!  Because I had both kiddo's today I never took a shower and showed up to Becky's in sweats - oops!  That's the second time in my life I've shown up to a suprise party in sweats - I guess people know my true character anyways so I don't feel too bad about it!
 After a delicious lunch prepared by Becky and some outstanding treats made by everyone, Anna and I opened up some fun baby gifts!  My friends are so generous!  I was totally surprised and would have been so happy to have had the afternoon end with just lunch!  Above is me opening the pretty quilt Heidi made, it has a darling little ruffled edge - this girl is so crafty!!  I didn't post all the gift opening pics because they are very similar to this as you can imagine - but because I want to remember and this is my journal:  Emily gave us supremo wipes - that baby's butt is going to be spoiled!, Trina gave us nursing pads (i forgot to buy some of those - thank you trina i would have been using socks or something!), Kaelie gave us fancy baby food and clearance clothes (she told me they were clearance b/c she knows how much i appreciate clearance shopping), Becky made me 2 loafs of bread for my freezer (hello - can you say very treasured present).  I don't know who made the diaper cake - I think it was Heidi cute! 
 Above is a pic of Trina and Emily.  Trina is due 2 weeks after me.  Isn't she gorgeous?  Her daughter JJ is one of Anna's favorite pals.  Emily is hiding back there behind Trina, her daughter Grace is comparable in size to anna - they get along famously because they both just LOVE to eat.  Both friends we met at baby time at the library - it's funny that the library is the place to make friends when you are a mom.  Actually - we met both of them at the library and then later we saw them at the park and that's where we exchanged numbers.  It's a lot easier to make friends when you have kids!
 Here's the group, complete with Trapper, Thatcher and Avrie.  No Zachie in this one - it's beautiful when he lets his mommy free for a little bit!!  From left to right (back row first) Kaelie & Avrie Nielsen, Emily Hill, Trina Wilkinson, Annie Ruden, Heidi & Thatcher Beckman , Brittney Smith, (front) Rebecca Lyman, Trapper, Me
 The 3 prego friendo's.  Me (39 weeks), Trina and Brittney 2 weeks behind me.  It's been so much fun to have friends to whine about pregnancy with.  Zachie - back to his mommies arms.  Aren't my friends beautiful!  I always forget how much of an Amazon woman I am until I'm standing next to women of normal size.
 Anna and Gracie - Gracie actually smiles and says cheese.  She is one advanced baby!!
The beautiful host Rebecca with her (almost) 1 yr old Briella.  Rebecca is a super good and healthy cook.  She has a very similar cooking philosophy to me:  use a lot of vegetables and whole grains so that you can splurge on some REALLY GOOD treats!  (she made lunch - tomato basil bisque, roasted pepper hummus with veggies - even Jicama!, fresh whole wheat bread and raspberry filled cupcakes (can't believe I didn't get a picture of it!)
 Heidi Beckman and her little man thatcher.  He is such a good baby.  I hold him every chance I get.  Look at that double chin!  Definitely doesn't get that from his hotty mommy!  Anyways, apparently she is the brainchild behind the shower - she is such a thoughtful friend (:
 Anna and JJ serenaded us at the piano.  It was really quiet noisy - but what do you expect when the number of kids was greater than adults??!  I love how JJ is all out singing in the picture, anna is singing a little but mostly just pointing to the words.
 Avrie rode home with us in the stroller - Eve's mommy came to get her 1/2 way into the shower.  Anna was mad that I stopped her ride to take a picture.
Kaelie was being awkward in this pic - you can see the cupcake tower in the background.  Anyways, I feel so so so loved and blessed. Sometimes I miss having my family close by, but I am so lucky to have all these sisters that take care of me here in Oregon.  Thank you friends - you know how to make a heartburning, lack of sleeping, waddling fat lady feel happy (:

Monday, March 12, 2012

38 weeks

Good times at the doctor today.  It was really fast.  I went in, I peed, I got my BP checked, I lost 2 pounds, I put on a gown, without any delay the doctor came in and Anna heard the bee bee harbeet, then he told me that I'm dilated to a 2 and 60% effaced and that baby is -2 position (she's moved down).  100% good news.  That never happens at the OB!

i thought my belly had grown b/c I feel lots fatter, but I measured it today and its actually smaller.  I guess that package of snickerdoodles my sister sent didn't do too much damage afterall!  Now onto the pumpkin pie i just made.........

Friday, March 9, 2012

another sunny day!

 I had originally planned to take my friend Emily to OMSI today, but then it turned out that it was sunny!!! So we went to a park in lake oswego instead.  Anna got to throw balls for dogs, bread for ducks and tortilla bits for ants.  She also got to go barefoot in the sand and touch her toes in the freeeezing water.  It was an awesome park, thanks for the idea Trina!  Hooray for sunny days!

Thursday, March 8, 2012

anna is 20 months on sunday

 We moved her to a big girl bed a few months ago.  Her first night was rough because we didn't have a barrier and she rolled off and kept rolling until she was stuck under the crib.  After that we put a pillow in the way and now she sleeps like a champ.  Last week she started really resisting bed and nap time, but she's back to her good sleeping self again.  Sleeps from 7 pm to 7 am.  Occasionally cries in the night, but falls back to sleep, never wakes up and stays up unless she eats too many brussel sprouts.  Anyways, she's pretty cute in these jammies.  She looks like a little football player.

First thing after waking up is E E E!  Which is how anna says EAT!  She always asks for brea (bread) and buh-er (butter).  And shakes her head yeah yeah yeah!  She doesn't like bread without butter but if given the opportunity will eat butter without bread.  Other breakfast favorites are frozen blueberries - like 1/2 cup of them - but we just finished our last gallon bag from the summer, so it will be a few months before we eat those again.  Anna also likes oatmeal sometimes and cottage cheese with pears or peaches.  She's pretty flexible about eating, which is a blessing.
 After bfast scriptures and prayers we wave bye bye to dad.  usually a school bus or 3 drives past while we wait for dad to get into the car.
 After dad goes (around 8) we clean for a while.  Anna likes to sweep and load the dishwasher.  She's getting better at unloading too - she knows where some things go - which is cool - because I don't have to bend over to put away the cutting boards and tupperware.
 After that we take a shower.  I let the water collect and anna plays in the bath after for a good 1/2 hour while I get ready.
 Once I'm dressed and ready I get her out and dress her.  She likes to put on as many clothes as possible.  She loooves clothes.  Especially pants and skirts, but mostly because that's all she can reach since I hang up all her shirts.
 After that we do her hair.  I've found letting her brush her teeth is a good distraction whiel I put her hair up.  I'm getting better at putting a ponytail on this squirmy worm.  I'm glad her hairs not too thick it would be even harder.  I've cut her hair a few times and am so glad that cutting it didn't take away the curls, because they are so pretty!
 Once we're ready I usually fold or start some laundry while anna helps and listens to her elmo book on CD and plays with her mr. potato head (i only let her play with them on my bed so she thinks they are special).
 After that we usually read books (somewhere around 9 or 9:30).  lately we've read books about having a new baby around the house.  Anna is READY for this to happen!  She is getting really good at role playing with her baby.
 By the way this is my new recliner!!  Thank you Joyce.  We love it and both fit!
 On tuesdays and thursdays we go to story time.  Anna didn't want to be there today for some reason so we went to the park instead and met up with our friends Heidi and Trapper.  She loves this park and can go down the slides all by her self!  What a big girl!
 It was unusually sunny today, anna hates the sun.
 Trapper is a little big for this swing.
 Still riding in the bob.  Anna actually hates is lately and screams, so I let her have the binky.  Sometimes I let her have snacks in there.  You choose your battles right?

 After library/park time we have lunch.  Here anna is eating broccoli and brown rice.  She had kiwi for dessert, its one of her new favorite foods.
 She sleeps from 12 -1:30.  Or just from when we put her down until 1:30 - so I got to make sure to get her down on time or her nap gets cut short and she's a grouch.
After nap she watches elmo or barney.  Barney is her favorite, which is annoying to listen to, but good for her so whatever.  She usually plays with something while she watches.  Lately she looooves balls of anykind - so she played with this basketball while watching elmo.

I failed to finish out the day because I started blogging while she watched elmo - but maybe I can finish up next week.  Anna is growing so big and learning so many new things its impossible to record them all!