Saturday, May 29, 2010

Kaycee & Steven & Happy Memorial Day

Well my brother Steven is in the army and stationed in Kuwait. Our cousin Kaycee rides bareback in the PRCA (Professional Rodeo) and he ended up going to Kuwait to entertain the troops and went to Steven's base. So here a few pics of them seeing each other.

Monday, May 24, 2010

round the yard

the rhododendrons are in full bloom. those are some magnificent plants. thank you china for sharing your plants with us.

also this is the plant im trying to cover the trellis with. its got a long ways to go if its going to fill the gigantuar trellis............comon li'll black eye susan. you can do it!

baby bump

well, richard fails at taking pictures of my baby bump. so i tried to take one myself with the timer. this is one the first shots and my favorite. obviously didn't make it to that blank wall before the time. that bump just keeps getting in the way. I've gained 30 pounds i think. wowsas.

the coolest baby gift

i mentioned that i got a tomato hat from one of my dietitian co-workers. Well, she made me a pumpkin hat and gloves to match the other day! she even made it a little bigger to fit baby's growing head. Oh so cute. Thanks Karen.

the trellis master

Richard really knows how to make a girl happy. He started making this one night last week and I wandered out to help. So i guess you could say we made it together. pretty huh? I we have one rose already! Wahoo. I love plants that grown on a trellis.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

friday night lights

(root) beer and pizza. it was a great start to a good weekend.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

always learning.

its been a good couple of weeks.

we went to birth class where we learned new things. I learned that richard is going to be a great "support person" (the PC term for your husband) we are considering making t-shirts for Team Buhler.

we didn't live here last may and we have learned that the previous owner loved pink. maybe it was a premonition that we are having a girl. but seriously, lots of pink going on here.

i also learned that i look huge in that dress. but not im not yet as huge as the trellis richard made for me (which is soon to be covered in black eye susan vine)

last night I learned that getting unexpected late birthday present TOTALLY ROCKS! especially since it is associated with my favorite! (thanks joy - what better present is there for a pregnant lady than an ice cream maker??)oh yeah - and we've also learned that building a patio produces lots of dirt. with my days off I made this flowerbed along the front lawn. richard bought me some purple flowers for mothers day that we stuck in there. If you can take your eyes off my hunk of a husband you will note the most beautiful pink tree in the background. its a dogwood. we love it.