Wednesday, October 10, 2012

scary photo shoot.

 We went and got cheap pumpkins at Als.  TJ joined in on the fun.  He was helpful with Anna.
 The sun was in her eyes, otherwise it would have been a cute picture.
 We made some letter C and D bread.  Yummo.
 Trina gave me the idea to do a halloween photo shoot!  We actually got a cute one.
 scary!  julia is going to lose her head to the evil 2 year old!
 Anna is saying "lets go for a walk and look for daddy"
 toothless grins are the best.  i went to winco today and the lady was commenting on julias cuteness. I usually say, yes she is so cute!  But this time I had the thought that I wished I could just freeze her in time right now for a couple more months.  I never remember thinking that when anna was a baby!  But I really do, wish I could keep julia just as she is for a few more months.  she is so special.
 hmmm.  it was a good try.
 danger danger!

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Kristin said...

Love the Halloween shirts! These are super cute. I wish I had some advice about napping, but I don't. It was rough for me when Spencer first quit napping, but I've adjusted now. As if that's any consolation! Good luck!