Wednesday, January 30, 2013

this blog has moved!

I refuse to pay to blog.  So, I started a new one!  If you want our new blog address please send me your email.  i plan to privatize because I want to post pictures and dont want to have to worry about it.  for a sneak peak at the new blog see picture below (:

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Too busy to blog

We are selling our house.  It is a lot of work to get the house to perfection inside and out and then get two babies out the door,  so aside from that we've been running at full speed doing Christmas stuff and doing some Portland sightseeing.  To get the house staged we had to move The computer to Julia's room, so I'm blogging on the iPad and don't have pictures.  So here just a of what we've done in the past week.

We went to this a,axing Christmas shop called sleigh bells.  We were lucky to make it out of there without breaking anything.  Anna fell in love with a wizard of oz snow globe.  I think that musical was the highlight of her year.

We bought some flan mixes and made flan, a s.mamerican treat for our ward Christmas party, which was amazing.

We cut down our own Christmas tree ( well sort of). The saw broke so someone with a chainsaw finished the job.  It smells amazing and is perfect.  Noble fir is the way to go.

At some point Julia grew 6 teeth!

I went to the mall with both kids.  It wasn't as bad as I imagined.  I used a cart from sears to travel the whole mall.  Anna gave me a good opinion on some jeans.  Yes, the is the first pair I have bought post Julia and I've finally stopped wearing maternity jeans (8 mo later).

We went to the world forestry center, and then to the Vietnam memorial and houyt arboretum to do some hiking, that was neat.

We made gingerbread boy cookies with some friends on Thursday.  Anna just wanted to eat the candy.  She's her momas girl.  I don't think I want to make gingerbread houses with her this year, she'll eat herselfmsickmwith candy!  After that the missionaries came over for dinner.  Anna was so shy she couldn't even eat her dinner.

Friday was a fun day. We had lunch with Kristin and spencer and Anna demolished his room.  Luckily he got over the toys she destroyed.  Then brittney and Zachary came over and played in the wet leaves with us.  The lady don the street has wongo intense christmas lights.  She almost never has them on, but she did Friday and we looked at the display for a good 15 minutes.

On Saturday we had to be out of the house by 9 a, for showing so we went to target.  we bought anna a night light ( shes been waking up screaming in the night, the nightlight doesnt help, but at least shell go to sleep with the lights off now....yeah, shemwasmsleeping with the overhead lights on for a good week or so)

then we rode horses in the morning at a ward members house.  Anna was a little shy at first, but then didn't want to get off and could have ridden all day.

Ater holiday horse rides we went and saw Santa at the fire station and rode in a real fire engine.  That was awesome.

After that I took Anna to kaelies Christmas concert.  She loves music.  We went on stage and sang the hallelujah chorus with the choir for the finale.  Anna thought that was neat.

After that Anna s friend jj came over and read books with us until bedtime.  It was fun to readmchristmasmbooksmwith two two year olds!

On Sunday we had some older  friends over for dinner.  Anna was horrible to them and told them that their house was stinky(it's not stinky)..  Then she bit Julia's finger.  She gets really nervous when people are around and does weird things.   Apparently we like to reward bad behavior because after they left  We took anna and avrie amd went to the nativity extravaganza that the milwaukie stake puts on.  It was amazing.  Anna loved the bell choir and the crafts.  She's into gluing things lately.

Monday night we reviewed an offer on a house.  Hopefully something happens with that.  We've been watching nativity movies for the.  Anna today came in dressed with a blanket on her head and said she was going to be Mary for Halloween.

Today we did the usual clean the house to perfection, then we went for a run to the truck park and to story time at the library and then to home for lunch (Anna tells me she looooves eggplant Parmesan).   After that we went to the wilsonville library and Costco and then to ZZOOO Lights!  Juliamhad wide eyes the whole time.  Anna looooves it of course.  We also went out to eat at a Mediterranean place rich calls "the ladies". Anna enjoyed some of her fav foods, olives, hummus, babaganoush and pita.  It was a good night

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Friday, November 2, 2012

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween (and a little anna art)

oh how time flies!
I can't believe it's been a whole year since this:

I guess we had so much fun last year that we decided to repeat.  But this year was more fun trick or treating with kiddos.  They have minds of their own and can ring doorbells now!  Hooray. Thanks for coming over friends!

Grandma and grandpa buhler got to join in on trick or treating from Utah via skype.  what a treat!  Julia's got a mug face.  She's a tough bunny.

 Avrie was downing the chocolate!  Go avrie Go!  (thank you dorothy!)
 Zachie's fav was the lollipops.
Brittney has started a preschool for the friends.  She is amazing.  So the other day during "roomtime" Anna said "mommy!, come see the people I drew!"  So I went in there and totally freaked out!  Anna had drawn these people!  Complete with 2 arms, 2 legs, hands and feet.  What?  I didn't think she was old enough for that!  I certainly didn't teach her!  But brittney did!  Yesterday she called me in to look at her letter A's!  Britt has taught anna to write her name too.  I am so blessed to have Brittney in my life.