Tuesday, October 23, 2012

around the house

 Julia is so happy.  I just can't get mad at her for waking up at 2:30 EVERYNIGHT for the past few weeks.  What the what is up with that.

This is how we find anna almost every morning.  With her nose stuck in a book.  She loves books if you didn't know.
 She wakes up, turns on her light, turns on her music, crawls back into bed, puts the covers on, and stacks books on top of her, as seen in picture below.  (although these pics are taken during "room time" about 8:30 in the morning after she's been groomed)
 Grace and Anna making a mad face.  We walked home from Britt's house and got POURED on.  It was crazy rain.
Anna is always helping me with projects!  I wanted to clean out my closets, so here anna is, helping me rearrange with the help of her little wagon!


Kaelie said...

So cute, GO you for cleaning out your closets. My house next? ;)

amylynn said...

Dear Buhlers-
WE love you. And your movies are funny. Yes they are. Anna makes great eggs.

love evan and gavin