Friday, October 31, 2008

36 months of total fitness

well, today it rained. I love running in the rain, but lets be honest, my knees don't love running. so we joined Bally total fitness which is within walking distance of our house.

The exciting news is that I get a free training session tommorow. I've never been to one of those. But let me tell you, I think it's going to be good. I can't wait until she asks me if i have any nutritional goals and if I want to buy some whey protein supplements.................

Should I play dumb and ask her lots of questions that will show me if she is nutritionally inept.......or should I tell her that I am a dietitian and see if she dares try to sell me anything???

hmmmm. Im excited for tomorrow.
ps the picture has nothing to do with this post. I just took it last year the day richard lost his kayak.......and that is kind of what it looks like here today......gloomy

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

It's a golden birthday

Rich turned 28 today, the 28th. To celebrate, I bought him 28 gifts.
We also invited some Elfs to come for dessert.....(if you can't cypher mayan cake writing, that second number is an eight)

and we had a romantic dinner in italy (or as close as we could get within walking distance)----Taylor man, we wish you coulda been there with us again. I refrained from eating my weight in soup for once.
I love ya richy love smooopy poo man of my dreams!!!
for another tribute to my main man visit joy's blog:

Sunday, October 26, 2008

For Andrew RE: sept 21 comment

For Heather

Probably my favorite recipe for spagetti squash is my mom's spagetti squash gumbo. She simply cooks the sp. sq. (bake it in oven flesh side down @ 350 for 1/2 hr or till the strands are to the texture you desire) and adds sloppy joes to the middle, tops with cheese and serves. yum

You can use any sloppy joe mixture you desire - i believe my moom puts about 1# of ground beef, 1 can campbells gumbo soup, some squirts of ketchup and mustard.....

My newest spaghetti squash creation comes from Mollie Katzen's cookbook and is as follows:

Spaghetti Squash Pancakes

2 cups cooked spaghetti squash

1 cup minced onion (mince it really fine)

1/4 cup bleached all-purpose flour or rice flour

1/2 teaspoon salt

4 lg eggs

nonstick spray and butter for the pan

1) place cooked squash in medium sized bowl and separate the strands by combing through them with a fork. continue to use the fork to mix in the onion, flour, and salt, and then to beat in the eggs.

2) Place a skillet or griddle over medium heat. After a minute or two, spray it lightly with nonstick spray, and, if you like, melt in a little butter for a richer flavor. When the cooking surface is hot enough to sizzle a bread crumb, use a 1/4 cup measure with a handle to scoop batter into the hot pan.

3) Cook the pancaks for a good 8-10 minutes on each side - until truly golden. Get them really well-done on the outside, and you will ave an exquisite chewy-crisp result. Serve hot or warm -plain or topped with ketchup, minced parsley, tomatoes and basil.

from Mollie Katzen's Vegetable Recipe's I Can't Live Without.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Since it is almost inconcievable that I played organized sports......I thought I would give you a picture

This is the best pic rich took.........i think i look like bryan......tall and awkward when playing soccer!! We only lost this, our last game, 3 to 0 rather than 6 or 7 to zero!!
tagged by Jen

it's like one of those jr. high forwards - but in blog form. I'm not sure how i feel about it. Don't feel obligated to read this.

I am: richards favorite wife (and i think his only wife)
I think: alot about my book gone with the she going to marry Rhett????
I know: that i am a child of god
I fear: being a clinical dietitian for the rest of my life
I feel: cold
I hear: richard cleaning up dinner
I smell: the taco's richard made for dinner
I crave: pumpkin pie and cookie, and peanut butter cookies and chocolate chip cookies and salt
I cry: if someone looks at me wrong
I usually: change my mind about everything
I wonder: what is going to happen to scarlett in my book
I regret: not quitting dietetics when I wanted to
I love: richard's beard and calling people "little slimes"
I care: about my health
I always: say "have a nice life" instead of goodbye to my mom
I worry: about obama becoming president
I am not: a dancer
I remember: my mountains all the time
I sing: only at church - and to red hot chili peppers in my car and i hum at work
I dont always: eat healthy or pick up my towels - even though i try to make richard think I do
I write: nutrition assessments on people that either refuse to eat/can't eat or shouldn't eat so much
I win: quiet often at our new game: thurn and taxes
I lose: every soccer game i've ever played
I wish: That I was an amazing scriptorian and that I payed more attention in sunday school/semenary
I listen: to the oldies station on my way home from work
I can usually be found: reading, cooking, eating or daydreaming
I am happy: pretty much all the time

I tag: anyone that wants to do it, but i really think i would like this to stop......because i think i just wasted a half hour on introspection.....and richard stopped doing the dishes.......

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Happy Halloween From the Loins of the Mummified Pink Flamingo

Temples around every bend....

It was so nice to have a break and to see utah. The best part of the trip for nicole (we all know that rich's fav part was the elk and his mom's cookies) was going to the vernal, bountiful and SLC temples. I hope I always live in walking distance of a temple. I was feeling a little sad when we got back because I knew there wasn't going to be a Tay Tay, Chewy Monster, Gavin or Amber at our apt when we got there....but when we turned the bend onto Bangy road and I saw the temple spires (as shown above-you have to look past the cars and street lights) I felt a little better. Hooray for temples and the priesthood power that allows families to be together forever.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

What the heck is "EVOO"

Early Tuesday Morning Nicole asked me to start dinner if I arrived home first. She told me a few things, but it was early and I thought I got the jest of it. I remember she said "Peal the squash and cut it into cubes, and it doesn't matter on the size." I make it home and was wasting time hoping she would make it home so I wouldn't have to make all of dinner, but Nicole didn't arrive. Well, I start cutting the squash slowly while I am listening to the news, and trying to remember her instructions. Then I look at the rest of the directions --which are shown above-- and didn't really get it, and I ask myself "What the heck is EVOO." Then, after looking at the directions, I wasn't sure if I was supposed to add the second bunch of ingredients to the first and cook them, or cook the second and then add them to the first. Also, I wasn't sure if the white wine was White wine vinegar or white cooking wine. Because I saw both of them in the cupboards. (I had been at work all day doing a slope stability model and didn't have my "A" game when I got home)
The final result was that I figured the EVOO stood as evaporated milk and started cooking the first bunch of items and put the T of evaporated milk in. Then I thought "Gosh I believe this is supposed to be a sauce so maybe I better put in more milk." I put in more. Then I decided to start boiling the 2nd bunch of things and put in 1/3 cup of white wine vinegar. Then I remembered that we went to the store last night and bought white cooking wine for tonight's dinner so i dumped the vinegar down the drain and added the white cooking wine.
I have one pan cooking the mushrooms with the milk. I thought that sure is a lot of milk and it isn't thickening up and it finally hit me "I bet I need to cook the first item of things and then add the 2nd bunch to the first and then bring it to a boil and that is the sauce." Well, I dump the cooking wine, broth, and salt into the mushrooms and turn up the heat and start boiling off the excessive liquid because of the extra milk. About then Nicole shows up and I say "Hey what does EVOO stands for" and she says "Extra Virgin Olive Oil" and I tell her I thought it was evaporated milk and I explain the story and she starts laughing at my mess, but then tastes my masterpiece and she "loved it."
So ladies - you can leave cooking up the husband if you want, but no guarantees on what you get. Some times it will be a masterpiece and other times it is just a piece.