Saturday, October 27, 2012

happy happy birthday richard dear

happy days will come to you all year!  

here is a happy birthday video from Anna.  Julia pitched in too a little.

the only way to get anna to actually stay still and not totally grab the camera was to semi-distract her.  You would be proud though, she's watching football.


Joy Buhler said...

Rich, you have the best wardrobe ever.

Spaghetti Pie said...

HAHAHHAHA That was awesome. According to Anna, Richard has black eyes, loves Madeline, goes to Mudpuddles everyday wearing her shirts, purple pants and pink shoes. When he's home, he likes to pick up a toy. Also, he has oatmeal on his face. Anna loves him because he runs so faster.
I LOVE the fact that of all things she could have been watching, she was watching football.
How did you not crack up while she was saying all of this?
Also, Happy Birthday Richard!