Sunday, February 26, 2012

I'm not having twins.

Please don't ask me again.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

43 inches

my waist circumference.  I want to remember because I didn't record any info like this last time, but I would really like to know if I am bigger than I was with anna.

So I'm feeling fatter than I felt last time.  But at the OB yesterday I asked how much I weighed last time at 36 weeks: 186#

Ahh that's a good feeling.  I'm 14# lighter than that right now.

so glad that box of tagalongs I bought richard for V-tines day didn't do too much damage........

only 4 more weeks (pretty much)!

Monday, February 20, 2012

presidents day giraffe style

 I got this giraffe costume for 1$.  Anna loves it.  She's reading a book (as usual) in her giraffe costume here.  She's so cute I just couldn't help but take some pics (as usual).
 too lazy to fix this.
We've had a good day so far.  We got our winshield fixed on the corolla - its been needing it for a long time.  Then we went to music time at a toy store - but there was no music time - so we just let anna play.  Then we went to home depot to spend more money so we can fix the drywall cracks in our bathroom and paint.  While rich worked on that I worked on some landscaping in the backyard.  whew - we're getting close to having the whole back yard conquered.  its only taken us 3 years.  ah well.  Rich is home with a load of barkdust, better get back to work.

Saturday, February 18, 2012

me me me

Richard gave me the best valentines present ever this year.

He took Anna on an overnight date to his brothers house in Washington.

It's been WONDERFUL to be just me, even though it's only been a day.

I did all my house cleaning yesterday so I wouldn't feel obligated to do any today.

First thing I did was get a hair cut.  I've always wanted a pixie - so I finally did it!  I couldn't get a good pic but im sure you'll see it at some point.  (do note my 42" belly in the mirror pic!! - i mean how could you not??). 

Next I thought it would be fun to go shopping.  Because the only reason that I haven't been to the mall in ages is because I dont want to bring anna.....right??  WRONG.  The good thing about having a day to be yourself is that you can remember who you are what you really like to do.

I hate shopping.  That's what I learned today.

So I wasted 1/2 of my day doing something I forgot I hated to do.  But that's alright.  Now I'm home and Im going out for a walk (because I'm incapable of doing my first favorite thing - running) and I'm going to make some sort of lentils for dinner and read a good book.  Ahhh that's more like it.  Thank you honneyyy.

Wow, its been great to write a blog without any interruptions.  The end.  Oh if you were wondering baby is coming march 25, so that makes me like 8 months prego - don't ask me weeks b/c I'm not counting.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

anna's 18 month stats.

length vs. age: 33 inches (~75%)
wt vs. age: 31.4# (120% -??  way off the chart)
head circ vs age: 19.5 (? 110% just off the chart)
wt vs length: appears to be 120% - way way off the chart more than it's ever been

I don't care what they say.  We're going to skim milk. We eat  a pretty high fat diet.  We eat a lot of olive oil and anna eats at least 3 cans of olives a week.  She loves cheese (l-o-v-e-s) it.  She likes tuna with mayo.  Bread with butter (she sometimes tries to get on the counter and just eat butter - gotta watch this one!)

I'm sure she's getting plenty of fat in her diet.  No need to buy a different kind of milk for her anymore. 

What do you think Joyce?

Monday, February 13, 2012

why people take toddlers to a professional for pictures

 What we were going for............

What we got........................

It was a frustrating afternoon.........
Anna wanted to eat the stick.

Valentines Photo Shoot

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Sunday, February 12, 2012

stealing candy from a kid

Anna got some chocolate from nursery at church.
I thought she would go crazy so I made her eat her lima beans first.
She ate 1/2 of a chocolate and went back to her lima beans.
Good Girl Anna!
But she did love every bite of chocolate she had!

Rich and I ended up eating the rest.......
thanks anna!
Easy as stealing chocolate from anna.
now stealing her BINKY....thats another monster..........

Anna answers NO to all questions.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

mary beth

richard doesn't like the name opal so for now its mary beth.  we'll see if it sticks.  Anyways we had a checkup for marybeth today.  I took my sidekick along.  Usually I leave her with a friend, but I wanted to see how she would be...........

She wanted to be on the exam table with me, so she sat right next to me with her head on my belly while the dr. measured and felt the baby (finally head down - has been breach every other visit).  When they put the heart monitor on anna's eye's brightened and her head perked up.  She was excited to hear her little sister!

I can't wait for her to meet her in person.  It will probably be rough at first, but I know she'll love the baby.

Saturday, February 4, 2012


Anna has a little friend that she gets along famously with.  They are just crazy little girls when they are together, running around screeching and giggling.  Anyways, Trina (JJ's mommy) is nice to watch anna for us all the time and so I try to help her out when she'll let me (:  We got to have JJ over tonight and I let the girls play in the mud - here's the pics to prove it.

 Learning to share - we need all the practice we can get.  I'm not sure she can learn that from rich and I, we fight over who gets the last cookie still.  I'm not sure why he has a complex about that - I know I have a complex about that because if I didn't fight for it as a kid my big sister would always take the last cookie.
Don't mind our boring talk in the background.  
 JJ was very serious about the mud.  She kept calling me Anna Momma.  This face to me says "serious business here Anna Momma, can't stop to smile"
Anna was having a jolly 'ole time.  She rolls in the mud all the time while I work in the yard.  She was so happy to have a friend there to join in on the fun!

i love to see the temple

and we went there last thursday afternoon.  problem is i didn't bring a camera and kaelie is holding the ones she took hostage.  hopefully we get them soon because she's sent me a teaser and apparently there is one cuter than this!~

Friday, February 3, 2012

she knows her ABC....or just P, S, V and Z

she can fill in the blanks!  very impressive anna!
Hello there!
such a cute picture minus the major snot slime!
such a big girl in the bob! Reading a book as usual.

Still loves to eat!