Friday, August 28, 2009

The trees are blushing because pretty soon they are going to be naked.

Its weird to not be going back to school. Hooray for a great summer full of intruders...just kidding........ I had to beg ya'll to come!'s a few of my fav pics

oops, didn't run quiet fast enough

indian beach at sunset
cute little boy in a meadow. where's bruno and lady?
wow. that restaurant was amazing.
thanks for sharing your great aunt's beach steve. i like this picture of me. it's weird.

nothing better than little people and gardens
until they get stung by a wasp.......(i found a wasp nest over by that hose amy....)
"is your family eveeeerrrr going to leave?"
mirror mirror on the wall....i am my mother after all.....and yeah...we both have to pee
chewy monster.....and richard kissing cousin IT


hey yeah, that picture sucked. i have the day off and since i haven't had one for ages im having a hard time staying on track with projects and cleaning.'s some better pic's of the chop chop! please note that these pictures are of my hair WITHOUT any styling. i went to bed with my hair wet....woke up.....and here's my that's what i call a hair cut!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

good news bad news

what do you want first? good news or bad news. how about some words with both and you can figure it out from the pictures.

bike hair richard crash nicole short elbow cut road rash railroad tracks free

Richard crashed on his bike while riding over railroad tracks and got some serious road rash.
tempting fate 1 year 3 months of bike commuting with no crashes.

I got a free hair cut in the mail, decided to go really short and i love it.
i was worried it wasn't going to turn out well because i passed 2 black cats on the way to work this morning.

Monday, August 24, 2009

1 year, 1 raise, 1 unsatisfied worker

i have officially been working one year. AND I officially still don't love it. But I am still getting paid....just now a dollar more an hour.

I can't help but wonder how many millions of people in the world hate their job. At my "1 year review" I had to fill out a form on job know.....things I would like to see future goals......yadda yadda. On this form, You are supposed to rank your job satisfaction on a scale of 1 -5, 5 being so satisfied that you would rather come to work than be on vacation, and 1 being you would rather get hit by a bus than come to work. (during college I would often think that.....I hope something tragic happens to me so I don't have to do this assignment....terrible huh). I am at a 3. I dont want to get hit by a bus - but I would rather spend the day cleaning my house than go to work.

During my internship I would envy those people sitting in their hospital beds, hanging out, eating jello and watching The Price is Right (gotta love those AARP commercials). I've definitely gotten past that. I would rather be working any job than paying 1000 bucks a day to wait for a doctor and watch TV.

But at any rate - is it destiny that work just sucks? I many people truly LOVE their jobs? Is it crazy to think that I am someday going to find a job that actually look forward to going to?? Well, im pretty darn sure Im going to love being a mom - well I hope so anyways cuz that job has ZERO vacation time.........

what do you think? love your job?? hate your job?? No that wasn't an announcement that we are pregnant if you were wondering.....

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

kickball without borders

We donated money in the form of fees for a kickball tournament so some engineers could go to foreign countries and build stuff.

I suck at hand eye coordination, but richard is pretty good. I think this pic is of the only ball i caught (yeah i caught this on the ground...nice)

I'm pretty good at running, as seen in this picture, but I'm not what rich is trying to do ("running" to second base)

since it was a work function, of course there was alot of alcohol involved. Over the course of the day the pitches started to get a bit sketchy and I'm pretty sure the ref should could have passed out after all he had been drinking.........good times with rich's work......

In reply to arran's comment on blog post pomegranate molasses and the organic dilemma

This is what i am talking about.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

warning: this blog is lame cuz im tired.

My sister amy and bro in law Kelby came to visit. I love my niece and nephews. Amber is our favorite (shh dont tell) - mostly because she liked to hang out in the garden with us - she likes richard - and she loves peanut butter sandwiches (that is what her and rich are eating in bottom pic). I wish my sis lived closer and am SO GLAD SHE FINALLY CAME!

this is a tomato from my garden. yummy!My mom and dad came to visit a few days after amy left. we picked ~20# of blueberries, went to Julie and Julia, and then went to my family reunion in Newport Oregon (on the coast). It was an awesome weekend. No pics cuz my camera died - but rich and i picked up a new hobby --- CRABBING! so much fun. Gavin would love it Kelby.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Kayland Shoes

I just happened to stop by REI last night while I am in Seattle and I sat down in the "Get Out More" Tour presented by Backpacker Magazine. As soon as I heard there were going to be prizes I knew I had to stay and put my name in. And yes I won these shoes.

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Sunday, August 2, 2009

millions of peaches

Or 57 1/2 pounds.

Why? You may ask.......they are cheaper that way....... I may say.
Plus - there is no better way to get your spouse to talk to you than to rope them into the kitchen...........
and have them help you boil and peel and puree over 100 to the store to get sure jell and make freezer jam..................

and lastly....cut up and freeze 5 gallon size bags of peaches (dont they look nice next to our salmon, game and zucchinis?)
the devil peach!!!golly gee that was alot of dishes!
what an awesome weekend. thanks for all your help smoopy poo.
I can't think of anywhere I'd rather be than in my kitchen with you!
Wish we had more family here to share the pie with!