Friday, July 31, 2009

Mad Me Too

never seen the show but i enjoy wasting time on my days off between cleaning stuff and getting stuff repaired. can you guess which person is me?

i love slurpees

that's it.

Thursday, July 30, 2009


Well recently Steven (brother), Dad, Mike (cousin), Kim (family friend), and I went backpacking into the Uinta's. Steven got home from his one year tour in Korea and before he went off to his next duty station we all went on this trip. We went approximately 20 miles and we did not see any other people for the three days, which is amazing after being here in Portland. We caught lots of fish and saw a few lakes that are supposed to be decommissioned or lowered (Which is a shame). It was a good time too bad nicole, mom, or joy couldn't come along.

Deer Lake first lake we hiked into and stayed the night at not sure if it will be lowered

After first day me cooking and Dad laying down. I guess it is ok since he is 62 and we hiked 6 miles and he took the scenic route through the rock pile

Above Central Timothy Lake lots of nice sized brook trout.
Dad and I fishing and bruno waiting for a fish to eat. Yes our dog likes to eat raw fish
Dad yelling at Bruno since steven wasn't close to him j/k.

Looking down to the Timothy Lakes
Mt Emmons in the background and East Timothy Lake which is going to be lowered.

After we were finished and Mike, Dad, and Steven resting next to the stinky outhouse.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

people that say it rains in oregon all the time........

And as usual, people dont know what they are talking about......

Riding in the AC-less subaru was almost as bad as riding it on the rainy days when the sunroof leaks.

Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
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Partly Cloudy
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Clear Clear Clear Partly Cloudy Partly Cloudy

From the loins of the pink flamingo PART V

might not be part 5, but it sounded good.

Almost as good as our first sweet 100 tomato tasted.

our garden in June:
Our garden (same spot) in July:
the flowering things are broccoli - butterflies LOVE broccoli flowers.

richard loves the garden....possibly even more than me!

Monday, July 20, 2009


bedroom - in dire need of interior paycheck maybe
front room/kitchen looking out front of house

bathroom you can use if you visit. being populated with flamingoes now

ultimate tight wad: unmatching washer/dryer is alot cheaper than matching

out of focus office

cutie patootie dining room with off center window

needs interior decorating help.....shelf about TV or entertainment center?

pretty kitchen with table i should not have painted


First day leaving for work from garage

Christmas in July!

My family has a tradition where we draw names - the 6 of us kids and one adopted brother - and you HAVE to make the present for the person you draw a name for.

It's usually a pretty sweet deal for everyone involved because my mom and sister are master seamstresses, my brothers and dad are amazing wood workers and my brother andy takes and frames awesome pictures......the only people who get the shaft are the people whose name I draw because cooking doesn't get you too far with presents.......anyways........This year my adopted brothed Zic got my name. Although he was a little slow getting us the present......I'de say it was well worth the wait......wouldn't you agree? (it is a homemade game of CLUE and all the rooms are rooms from my house and the people are my bro's and sis's. AWESOME!)


Saturday, July 18, 2009

a long long saturday

ouchy!lots of weeds

a much nicer front yard!

isn't it cute?

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

My professors always told me.......

That no one would ever read your thesis. One went as far to tell us to put 20$ in the back cover of Rich's thesis and if it was still there in 10 years....we could buy ourselves dinner.

.....not only was his thesis read, but it was also quoted...............

pretty crazy, pretty crazy.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

the past two weeks: before and after

right after we moved in, my best friend from bountiful came to visit for a few days.. (i finished unpacking the boxes at about 4:00 and Jenn + steve came at about 5:00)......before i knew it we were out of our new house and exploring the northwest!!! Here's some pics in a cheesy before and after style:

Kitchens before the turn of the century (this is an oven @ the pittock mansion)

cleaning my kitchen after we moved in all our crap (there was cat hair up there - how???)

Before dinner at the amazing place where twilight was filmed
(jenn is holding a twilight menu) the amazing sunset after (we ate in those little verandas)

hiking mt. st. helens (aren't we tough?) After (glissading down the mountain - i was scared):

Jenn at the japanese garden, before visiting the rose garden, the pittock mansion and seeing the rest of downtown

Jenn after our long day of sightseeing (i blame it one the time change)

before: walking to the secret beach
after: finding and accidentally killing a mini crabby on the private beach

we had a great time