Thursday, August 26, 2010

another reason why i love cloth diapers

and aunt virginia's bows of course!
my camera's not that great so i played with the pictures to make them
look cool instead of just crappy.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

big budda big buddda big budda

we dont have a scale at home.
but grocery stores have scales.
she was somewhere around 13-14 pounds last week (5 weeks)
i had my 6 week post partum apt yesterday.
i weigh 160.
with anna in my arms i weight 175 (plus a blanket)

is she really 15 pounds at 6 weeks?
needless to say i am feeding her right now.
and she stills has to have a midnight snack (the stinker)

here's a video of her fav. toy - the mobile gramma b. bought her

Monday, August 23, 2010

little pea in her pod

i guess you could mistake anna's face for a smile.............

anna in the "buggy" as grandma B. calls it. next to a peach treelittle pill not waking up
rub a dub dub
anna loves the tub.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

fancy pants

or panties.

Yes, we do cloth diapers. To start off, Richard wants everyone to know that it was not his idea and he is not a hippie. But he does like the money it saves us. I do too and it really isn't that bad. My family thinks we are crazy and I told my brother i would give a play by play of the cloth diapering experience - so here it is:

Anna alerting us that she has a wet or stinky diaper:
dun dun dun - the BUM where all the action happens
this is what the diapers look like - they have snaps that are really easy to put together. the diapers will fit her until she is 35 pounds. should be about 2 unless she continues at her current rate of growth. (yes this diaper is brown and the others are pink, thats because blogger is stupid and i was too impatient to reload a pic i deleted)

dun dun dun the dirty diaper that everyone fears. breast milk poops really not that bad and not very stinky either.

we don't wipe her butt - we just give it a quick rinse in the sink
set the diaper aside
and let her airdry while we take care of it. (please forgive me for showing your buns anna)
the diapers have pockets with inserts that keep the wet off anna's bum bum. so you pull those out each time
and stick em right in the diaper pail
then you take the pooper to the toilet and use the homemade diaper sprayer (courtesy of richard) to the poop. no touching required
mostly clean diaper
then you put the diaper in the pail

at the end of the day you put the diapers in the wash
and then you hang them to dry (or put them in the dryer if it isn't hot outside)
Arent they pretty? They were about 220$ for 15 diapers. I figure it will save us at least 1000$ by the time we make it through baby #2.

there you go bry bry - that's how it works. LUVS

Friday, August 20, 2010

lov'n the swing

anna is swinging away so i have a few minutes to blog and return emails
Rich's parents just left yesterday. While they were here we did some touring of the pac NW in their awesome new buick lucerne (a real pimp'n ride as my brother would say). Anna likes riding in the car (as long as she isn't hungry).
We drove up to see anna's great aunt mary helen in seattle. She is a sweet sweet lady and very beautiful. I hope anna looks like Mary Helen as she gets older.
Another pic of aunt mary helen and uncle bob. Anna is starting to enjoy looking out the window.
another blessing day pic from rich's dad's camera. I love these puffer girls! Liz is thinking about driving to utah with us in the next few weeks. WE CAN DO IT LIZ. nothing can stop us - not even 4 little girls under the age of 5 and 700 miles in a minivan.
pic of grandma and anna. Grandma and grandpa are so cute with her. They called richard after they left and said they can't ever come see us again because they are having "Anna Withdrawls." Hilarious.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

a name and a blessing

richard blessed that anna will be a kind and loving girl.
thanks for coming family!
left to right: jessica heiner, annette heiner, bart heiner, me, anna, rich, joyce buhler, paul buhler
everyone above plus our best buds the puffers! Their CUTE CUTE little girls Miki, xilone, carlina in the car seat plus steve and their gorgeous mom Liz

anna thinking about what a great day it was on the car ride home
me and my babe
rich and the babe

a carnivores worst nightmare

veggies. that's whats for dinner.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

in thinking about my 6 week postpartum appointment

my dad sent me the above in an email soon after anna was born, if you click on it i think it gets big enough to read, otherwise google the title and you can read it straight from the deseret news (for some reason i can't copy and paste into blogger - anyone know how to fix that?)

Monday, August 9, 2010

Anna's First hike and a 1 month old photo shoot

"im falling mom"
"mom - this is not comfortable, i'm really falling here"
random picture of dad coming in with a colander on his head (he's heading out to harvest basil beans zucchini and cukes fromt he garden)
little peck'n chickpea
chubby bub - looks a little like steven here. (richards brother)
"wassup ima punch you if you get to close"
trying to lift the head.
"lifting my head is really a chore - but im getting better at it"
this is the face anna has most of the time. half way crosseyed and really concentrating on trying to lift her head.
help me! im sliding off of this!
sinking down into the darkness
"i just farted mom!"
anna's not rock'n the side pose.
li'll chunker (:
thanks for the eskimo mosquito proofer liz! (anna in the bob at trillium lake during dinner)
anna is for dinner! that green box is an annoying mosquito repellant (it makes noise)
momma's little pea eye (rich carried her down and i carried her up)
i have alot of teeth
cute pic except the back of anna's head
richards a great baby packer.
"hmmm mirror lake is pretty mom - but where's that boob - im hungry"
yes - i fed anna in the wild it was great (or not so great actually)
dont fall in the lake mom, i cant swim yet.
mom, my neck is going to hurt later............
she was wide awake like this the whole time. she loved looking at the trees. anna's going to be one great hiking pal. can't wait till we dont have to carry her. probably wont happen for 7 more years.