Thursday, July 29, 2010

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

chickpea or MONSTER BABY

Nicole's dad calls anna a chickpea because nicole ate alot of chickpeas while prego and thus she had a little chickpea. The name is actually quiet fitting because when anna is hungry she pecks the ground (or chest of whoever is holding her) like a chicken (see pictures below)

But this girl is no spring chicken. We had our 2 week visit today.

At birth Anna was 9 pounds 5 ounces and 19 inches.
Today she was 11 pounds 1 ounce and 22.5 inches.

for all your parents out there that is 99% for height, 98% for weight, 50% of weight for height. But they have her at 40weeks gestation on the chart - i bet if they changed that to 42 her percents would be lower.

I wish i could shrink 20% of my body weight the way she just gained 20% of hers!

MONSTER BABYchickpea (pecking at the ground)
more pecking like a li'll chickenMONSTER BABY
monster baby

richard doing some pecking with anna

oh i love her so much.
and richard so much (:
now if only that wives tale about big babies sleeping more still rang true at our house...

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Anna goes to the park

Great aunt Anette and second cousin? jessica came to visit. she slept the whole time so she could stay awake and party with mom all night. it was fun, let me tell ya!
Miki (on the left) is 3 and hilarious. As soon as she saw anna she said, "She is Angry mom"
Anna does have a bit of an angry face a good part of the time.

Anna's ballerina moves in the little dress aunt breea made.
Sound asleep with chubby cheeks
ahhh feels so good to toot while sleeping - - can't wait till she smiles for real.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

busy little bee goes outside

bye bye grandma
bye bye grandpa
tried to get him to frown -so you could better see the resemblance - no success -
life is good fish'n with dad
Anna hates the wind in her face
its pretty up at detroit lake

get the wind out of my face
dad is quiet the fisherman
the busy little bee outfit. lov'n that it isnt pink

look at my shoe!

Sunday, July 18, 2010

happy birthday anna! 1 week down alot to go!

sort of a lame party. all everyone wants to do is sleep.

Anna is 1 week old. I thought I would write more about her birth today. Amy covered most of what all happened. I was so tired that I dont really remember anything. I tried to write in my journal right after - unsuccessful - so here is what I remember.

friday night: we were supposed to be induced with misaprostil (dont know how to spell that). we got turned away

saturday morning: went to hospital very early ~5:30 am. got told we had to wait until 11:00 to be induced because they were short staffed. we ditched and went shopping for plants at fred myers.

Saturday afternoon: got started with the prostaglandin. felt like really bad period cramps - but not enough to keep richard and me from sneaking out of the hospital to go buy gummy bears and hard candy for me. Also we ate good hospital food. i did million lunges to try to get the baby in the right position (she was skeewampus in there)

Saturday evening: about 8 or 9 pm the contrations started to get painful. cat and cow and other yoga works great wonders at this stage.

Saturday night: after my sweet midwife checked me for the 4th time and i wasn't at all progressed (maybe dilated to a 3 or 4 and still 50% effaced, baby still not moved down) - i finally gave in to getting pitocin started at the lowest dose possible. Soon as that happened it was bad.

Late saturday night: labored in the hot tub while richard slept. pitocin made it so i was having a big contraction and then one small one - so it was like a never ending contraction. soon as i got in the tub i couldn't feel the small ones.

Saturday early morning: still wasn't dilated enough so they had to restart pitocin. very painful. thought i was going to die. mostly due to being so tired. at this point i figure i had been in the realy painful part of labor for at least 10 hours. richard rubbed my back but it was more in the front. mostly i was too tired to continue on.

satruday morning morning: got epidural. slept. woke up to news of being to a 10 and 100% effaced. midwife broke water. felt baby move down but not much else.

saturday early afternoon: slept.

Satruday noon: started pushing. so tired i fell asleep between each push.

satruday 2:30: after two hours of pushing (richard counted for me and rich and amy both held my legs). She came. so big so big. started eating right away (atta girl). rich cut the cord. dont remember much else other than being than being so happy to hold my little girl and after they took her being so so so so tired and sleeping.

birthday eve

dad has spent the entire time i've been alive working on this patio. his dad came into town wednesday and they have been out there non-stop.
they worked last night until at least 11:00, I dont know how much later because the girls went to bed.
im so excited to hang out on our patio!! hooooray!!!
yesterday (saturday) was anna's birthday eve. I got her all dressed up in pink and pink for the occasion. She spent most of the day playing with grandma buhler - who doesn't like to look at the camera. but from the side you can sort of see the resemblance.
don't you just want to come over and snuggle her?
look at my ballet moves with my ballet socks. thanks for the cute bow auntie virginia!
i look like im going to the gym with this headband.
a better watch me grow stuffed animal. Richard gave me this bear when we were dating. its a fisher man bear.

Friday, July 16, 2010

day 3 and 4

stupid blogger - anna upside down sunbathing
we love to snuggle in this spot on her bedroom floor in the mornings.
thanks for the cute outfit auntie breea - we love it!

i am so small on this changing table!
and mom has already had to wash the cover - and the crib sheets - and like 5 blankets
it explodes!
anna's first ride in her state of the art bob stroller
we had to use a few dish towels for support
not using this for running anytime soon our she'll fall out
and my insides will fall out
and i dont think i could buy a bra with enough support
hanging out with dad
she's covering her nose because he stinks
they have been working and working on the patio
anna's favorite place - on my shoulder burping up her b.milk snacks
she is already back up to her birth weight and eating like a champ
she was so satisfied last night that she only woke up once at 2:30 after going to bed at 10:00
i would rather have my stitches than no sleep - hooray for a big baby

I love your idea heather - watch anna grow! she already dwarfs this lamb, maybe i should find a bigger stuffed animal. Joanna, this dress is adorable - thank you!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

so blessed and too tired to write much

sup? mom
i like to dance
i have 3 or 4 chins depending on how my head is placed
upper cut.....jab .... jab.... look at my mean face.
i think this bow is a little on the big size.....even for Anna's head.............
whazzup momma?
fuzzy picture, but she might be smiling here...........i'm newest favorite thing to do
ready to blow this joint! (we were ready to get out of the hospital but they kept us around a long long time) - - - thanks for the cute dress lizzy puffer. we love it.
i love daddy's fuzz. so much that i cry about it.

we are so blessed to be able to care for one of our heavenly fathers precious daughters.

We LOVE LOVE LOVE our 3 day old Anna Elaine who really looks like she is 3 weeks old.

thanks for all the encouraging phone calls, emails, blog comments (: I promise I will call back next time I'm awake and not feeding the baby (or maybe someday i'll be able to multitask again.......)

too bad my sis isn't still here to write clever things and take great pics for the blog. thanks for coming amster, i will always cherish the time you were here (:

only a few more minute till she gets to meet her twin - grandpa BUHLER!