Thursday, December 9, 2010

annas friends

Lately thursday is party time at anna's house.
We walk to baby time at the library. Anna actually hates that part but sometimes she puts up with it. I guess its supposed to be good to babies to sing rhymes to them and read to them, but she really hates it. her friends like it though!
Afterwards we come over to my house and make lunch together and then sit in the front room and watch the babies play. Annas the youngest and least talented in the movement department, but she has a great time learning how to move from her friends.
thanks for coming over to plan avrie and zach!
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Liv said...

cute! i need to check my library for baby reading time.

Sherpa said...

That first picture? Super cute.

Richard and Nicole said...

liv - you totally do. i love it.

thanks sherpa! we love the shirts so much (:

Sherpa said...

I'm glad, I thought Rich might enjoy a purple Dinah on his little girl. They were my first foray into embroidering onesies-the next batch (when I get around to making them) will be better!

Kaelie Nielsen said...

Thanks for having us over, we enjoy baby time, but play time at your house is even more fun!