Friday, October 26, 2012

trick or treat

 I have had a dog costume for a YEAR that I wanted anna to wear.  But now that she's 2 she knows what she wants.  and she wants to be a MEAN WITCH.  The one from the wizard of oz.
 So I gave in and bough her a 2$ witch hat from target. 
 See that little black blob on the sidewalk?  That's anna trick or treating.  She wanted me to carry her.  As you can see below I only have 2 arms - and they are occupied with a very cute little bunny.

 Kaelie and her little lady(bug).  So cute.
 Mean witch, ladybug, wizard-thing, cheerleader (u of u!!)  JJ is INTO the candy!

 Look at her go for that candy!
 Ahhh she got a sucker!
 I think grace looks cute in this picture!
 When we got home, I put Julia down to crawl around while I made dinner.  I heard a funny noise so I came over.  Somehow she got inside here!  She couldn't have been happier being stuck there.

Oh kaelie took this cute pic of me and julia.  isn't she a doll.


Joy Buhler said...

Anna doesn't get a green face or green hair?

Grandpa Buhler said...

Anna is the cutest, "not mean" Witch I've seen

Richard said...

i wanted to but couldn't find it at the store where we got the hat. i thought it would be so fun to do the green thing though.

Joy Buhler said...

Yeah, she still looks super cute as a mean witch. I love the photos where she's doing the mean witch. Julia underneath the end table is pretty cute too.

Kristin said...

They're both dolls! So funny that she wanted to be a "mean witch." Fun times.

Liv said...

Aspen wouldn't dress up at all. She wore a Tinkerbell t-shirt to a trunk or treat party and we called it good!

Anna makes a cute MEAN WITCH and Julia is just such a sweet, smiley, happy little thing!

Spaghetti Pie said...

Thank you for posting those. So fun, I'm glad we saw you guys!