Saturday, September 29, 2012

the END of OMSI

Our OMSI pass ends tomorrow.

We've been driving to portland at least every other week since last september.  Sometimes twice per week.  It's sad that we aren't buying another pass.

but it's also nice that I don't have to feel like I have to take Anna up there all the time.....but I will also miss having OMSI to use a nap-time bribe......"if you go to SLEEP we can go TO OMSI when you wake up!!"

I will also miss having something fun to take our friends to.

We tried to take anna to a movie there today.  (we get into the planetarium part free).  She used to love the movie "the cardboard rocket" about going to space.  For some reason lately she's TERRIFIED of theaters.  So we tried to take her today but she just screamed and wouldn't go in.  I don't know what happened?!  Any ideas?

She Eats

 I've been putting off feeding Julia real food because I'm lazy.  She's a good breastfeeder and I didn't want the hassle/mess of feeding another kid at the table.  But she's undeniably ready.  Instead of the usual intake of 1 tsp of rice cereal once/twice per day, she's jumped to eating a couple tablespoons of butternut squash soup, pumpkin, banana and whatever else we're eating that's doable for a no-teeth baby.
 She's getting so big, I can hardly believe it.  And such a little gem to boot!
 We re-arranged because im getting tired of the same ol same ol in the house.  Anna said "THAT CHAIR GOES IN JULIAS ROOM!  WHAT IT DOING IN FRONT ROOM??"
julia is so cute.

Friday, September 28, 2012

Hi Kristin, I live in Sherwood.  We call Amy.  I call Spencer.  Hi Spencer, I live in Sherwood.  I call Amy to morning.  I'm going to call Gracie.

Thursday, September 27, 2012


 It was at our house.  Oh and above is a cute picture of Julia to start out with!
 7 kids.  I don't think I had enough structure or toys or outdoor play or something.  but it was ROUGH.

Julia Crawls!

She started on monday/tuesday.  And like Mrs Clavel (from madeline) she's getting fast and faster and will soon be creating disasters!

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Annas brother from another mother.

Poor guy.  Anna loooooves him.
Julia loves him too.
Here she is laughing at him.
She loves his mommy too.
Julia loves everyone.
OH yeah, we are on a train riding along the coast in these pictures.  It was a beautiful and Anna was sort of a brat on the ride because she just wanted to give spencer too many luvs.
Hi Julia.  You are adorable.
Anna, being a snot.
Rich says, look at that skinny guy.  He's been running a lot lately.  6 miles saturday.
Oh anna we love you so much we ignored our dirty garage and overgrown garden to drive 2 hours to ride a train.  You are one spoiled girl.
Look!  people to wave at from a train.
I'm a photographer and I didn't even know it.
Our family.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012


 Kaelie headed up a pre-preschool for our 2 year olds.  Of courses the 6 month olds are there for a few minutes too (:

 Playing inside.
 Playing outside.
 brittney (anna's very very favorite person)
 letter hunt.
 big A little a what begins with A?
 fishing for A's
 story time.
 Anna couldn't get enough.
 Zachie loves Julia.
 Boys cook'n lunch for the girls (not really but we can pretend)
 Girls eating snack.  Really just Anna and Grace eating snack.  JJ took a bite to be polite.
 Boys climbing.
JJ hiding from the sun.  She's a true oregonian.