Sunday, June 29, 2008


This is the picture of my purple kayak before I lost it to the Logan River before we moved up to Portland. Nicole happened to took a video recording of the event with me losing the kayak but I couldn't upload it because our internet kept crashing. So the story is I went through the V-wave (the picture isn't the V- wave and tipped and then tried to roll back up but was unsuccessful. We spent the next two hours looking for it with Mike's (kayaking buddy) help but after both of us about getting swept down river and it becoming dark we gave up the chase. Well I hope barney (purple kayak) is happy now and thanks for the good times. Maybe someday I will get another one but I guess nicole thinks we need a table first.

Still no job for nicole, but richard continues to bring in the big bucks. Maybe someday we can afford a kitchen table instead of the plastic one-disguised as being nice via table cloth one -we have right now. At least richard finally learned that picking up the newspaper after he is done makes nicole very happy.....instead of leaving it on the table like it is right here (: