Monday, August 25, 2008

Commuting Sucks!!!

But I guess even when I have stand during the 40 minute un-air-conditioned ride I really don't have it too bad compared to these folks. It's nice to have some dedicated reading time every day anyways - I've already read 4 books this summer - that's more than I usually read in 1 year! I guess I'm just a little bitter because I had to stand two days in a row and there was not one gentleman that offered to give up his seat for me or any of the ladies that were quiet a bit older than a matter of fact, and elderly lady had to ask a young man to MOVE HIS BACKPACK so she could sit down the other day......that's downright wrong. Oh well, life goes on......and so does the daily commute.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Florist By Design

This nice lady in my ward had an enrichment night where she taught us how to arrange flowers. Naturally, I forgot about it, but she was nice enough to save me some flowers and a piece of foam core to make my own arrangement. Here is how they turned out. I think that my ma ma's creativeness has flowed into my cells - thus making me a florist by design. Richard thinks the one in the ice cream dish looks like a funeral spray and that the short one looks like a "grandma arrangement" So much for becoming a florist instead of the dreaded clinical RD that I have become.....What do you think mom?

Friday, August 1, 2008

Now that I'm officially done with school......

I can think about other things. For example, today, after scoring a $2.50 mollie katzen at a garage sale, I was reminded of a conversation Rich and I had last night about the health rider (because they are omnipresent at garage sales). I have three questions concerning the subject that someone might be able to answer:

#1: Why did anyone EVER think that they would get a good workout by squating like a frog on a little machine while watching TV

#2: Why did so many people buy many people still have one.........and even more importantly, WHY ARE THEY STILL FOR SALE ONLINE (and not used ones either).........are we really that stupid?

#3: Where do all the unwanted heath riders end up??? DI overstock/goodwill? The dump? Health Rider Heaven????
Hmmmm, the world will never know.


Just so everybody knows Nicole passed the RD exam. For the last month she has been bringing along note cards everywhere we go. For example on our backpacking trip on Kings Mountain, she brought her flash cards. On last weekends river trip she studied the whole time we were on the bus, and last weeks trip to Seattle same thing study, study, study.

Congrats Nicole and now you can bring in the big bucks. Your amazing

Wait for more info from the certified dietitian herself.