Saturday, October 6, 2012

a girls weekend

Richard went on a fishing trip thursday - saturday. 
I worked friday.  Then Hannah spencer came over and helped out.  She helped with bathtime and read anna bedtime stories (literally....because she fits in Anna's bed).
Between sessions of general conference we went to the park with "penca and kwisten"  Hannah got some great shots at the park.
Julia talks with her eye's and brows.
We went to Hannah and Emma's (hannah's sister) after conference and played with legos, looked at art and played with animals.  Anna loves legos - especially beheading the people.
Julia was a little too busy for their house and we had to leave.
On the way home Brad and Dorothy invited us over for cake and ice cream.  Brad made Dorothy an angel food cake for her birthday which was actually today.  After cake and ice cream Dorothy HAD to take anna out to pick peas, strawberries and beans.  Anna loves t he garden and loves dorothy.  Me too.
After that we had some dinner and Hannah Spencer came back over to help with the bedtime routine.  She was a trooper reading some really long childrens books to anna.

We actually had a good time without richard, but life is much better with him around.

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Liv said...

I wish I had a Hannah Spencer to help me every weekend when Kev's gone!