Monday, October 1, 2012

Happy Birthday Dorothy!

 We went to the Oregon Gardens today to celebrate our neighbor's birthday.  Anna often refers to Dorothy as her "best friend" and will often pause throughout the day and say "I looooove Dorothy"
 Since Dorothy is a flower fanatic like I am, we decided to take her to our newest favorite place: Oregon Gardens.  If I lived close I would buy a lifetime membership.
 Dorothy loved it.  here we are in the Proven Winners section.
 Anna has to SMELL everything.  And TOUCH everything.  It's my fault really, because I have to smell and touch everything too.
 She looks so worried!  Dorothy wouldn't stand in the scarecrow spot.
 awe the cute scarecrow family.
 Butterfly people!
 take 2.
 dad, you should make this for mom.  noah ark.
 Anna found her name.
 Look at anna's cool hair.  yup, she lets me do her hair lately.
 Julia was a champ!  As usual she just hung out and was happy the whole time until she took a little snooze.
Cheese!  Thanks for being a 4 star neighbor Dorothy.  We love you.


Richard said...

maybe that should be 5 star. i think 5 is usually the highest. you are a 5 star neighbor dorothy!!

Liv said...

I used to have an awesome neighbor named Dorothy. And then I moved to West Jordan and I now have a neighbor named guy-who-never-wears-a-shirt.


Those flowers are GORGEOUS, by the way. Glad you got to visit.

Kaelie Nielsen said...

HAHAHA Liv is hilarious. And all Dorothys are awesome and so is Anna's hair.