Saturday, June 30, 2012

all in a day's work

We didn't take any pictures today, but I wanted to write about all we did.  We really love our saturdays.

Anna woke up asking to go to the store to get milk.  I told her later.
Rich woke up and went on a big ride up a steep hill.  The garmen says he burned 1600 Calories.
While is was working off calories, anna and I put them by making raspberry cornmeal pancakes.
Anna's been doing something called "room time" where I stick her in her room alone for 30 minutes every day.  I coordinate it with Julia's naptime.  It's a precious moment of everyday.
Anyways:  I mowed the lawn while they had alone time.
Then anna came out and helped me weed the front yard.  She's actually a good weeder when she doesn't pull up the flowers.  OR smash them in the process.

Then rich came home and I went out at weed eated the lawn.

After that rich came out and we cleaned out the yard.  Picked a whole garbage can full of weeds and pressure washed off the patio.
Anna had a hot dog for lunch. 
I had corn and watermelon
Rich had corn and cheese tacos

It rained.
We went yardsale-ing
We went and picked raspberries
we went out to eat a diner we've been wanting to go to for a year.
We finally went to safeway.  I fed julia while rich and anna got milk.
we came home and read books and took care of our raspberries.
Put anna to bed.
ate a arugula salad.

ahhh.  now im going to read a book.
life is good.


Liv said...

Oh good. Sometimes Aspen eats nothing but hot dogs for dinner too. I feel better knowing that a nutritionist such as yourself also feeds her kids lame food sometimes.

Spenny and Nellie Morris said...

Sounds like a good day! Pretty much how our days go too-it's the little things that make our days so special now. :) Your girls are adorable and you're a wonderful mommy!