Thursday, June 21, 2012


 Anna spent a morning playing with her friend Trapper while I took some pictures with his mom Heidi.  She adores him.
 They were doing some goofy tree hugging game they made up.
 Crazy kiddos.

 Anna ate some lunch with Avrie.  They're pretty darn cute!
 JJ and LL came for a visit.  Look at these bundles of Joy!
 Breakfast with the Buhlers:  jUlia on the boppy, chill'n out
 Richard studying for the PE (professional engineering test)
 Anna in the nude eating PB oatmeal.
 I didn't take a picture of myself.  Oops.  More of julia, look how strong she's getting!
 Daddy heads out to inspect his garden each day before work.  Today he decided to cut our first cauliflower!
 Here you go Anna!
Proud gardener!


Cassidy&Dustin said...

Good luck to Richard on the PE exam! Dustin took it last October :)

Kaelie Nielsen said...

haha, tree huggers.