Tuesday, June 12, 2012

clothes horse, odd duck, old mcdonald and baptisms

Isn't that what people call other people who like clothes?

Well, Anna is that way.  I often tell people that she doesn't play with toys at home.  They look at me in amazement.  It's really quiet weird.  She likes to play with odd things.  Like rags and pants.  Everyday she takes rags out of the drawer and lays them all over the house.  She likes to jump from rag to rag and to lay on them and sing songs.  She also lays out her pants several times a day.  I'm not sure why - but if you have any ideas let me know!


While we are on animal comparisons......Anna is also an odd duck in other ways.  She likes to sleep on the "grass" which is her word for ground.  We dont know why but she doesn't sleep anymore unless she's on the ground.  Maybe she just likes camping too much!The other morning she woke up moaning.......I went in there and she was stuck under the bed.  Some how she had rolled under it and couldn't get her head out.....it was sad but funny.  She got up on the wrong side of the bed......the underside!

This morning we were reading her favorite book:  "what the world eats."  And there is a picture of a japanese girl hugging ronald mcdonald.  She pointed to him and said "farmer!"  I looked at her questioningly and she said "old mcdonald!, farmer!"  Funny girl.

We went to a baptism on saturday.  Anna was a little misbehaved during the talks, but loved the baptism.  So we did FHE on baptisms last night.  Now every time she prays she says "thank you for baptize"  We're not sure she really get it.  When I asked her what happens when you get baptized she said "play in water!"  Oh boy.


Liv said...

Do you ever lay out her clothes for her to choose? Maybe she got it from something like that.

Nicole Heiner said...

when i saw you commented i hoped you were going to say aspen does the same thing.......ah no luck. nope, don't lay clothes out for her to look at. not sure why she does it! still a mystery!

Breea Heiner said...

I CANNOT wait to see you guys! Seriously I am dying Anna is so cute and funny and Julia just seems to be a little peach. Is it July yet? When will it be here? Hurry family reunion, hurry.

Liv said...

Nope, Aspen doesn't lay out clothes. But she does like to put laundry in Kev's sock drawer. He finds all sorts of things in there after Aspen "helps."

Kasi said...

Brinlee lays towels and hot pot holders and such out on the floor and sits on them and sings! She got it from nursery... they use rug things for the kids to have "their spot" during singing time. Maybe they do that in your nursery too? :)