Tuesday, June 5, 2012

it was raining so the camera came out

 Anna loves doing laundry with me.  Sometimes she will actually ask if there is laundry to do.  I think part of it might be that we "choo choo" the laundry out to the washer (in the garage) and "choo choo" her clothes to her room.  Yesterday we 'choo chooed' the laundry with Julia as the conductor.  Anna thought that was especially fun - but i don't think julia was into it.
 Anna loves to take all the pans out of the drawer beneath the oven.  usually she puts them all on the floor and steps in them.  Yesterday she put them all on the table and was pretending to cook treats for her friend gracie.
 Gracie came over later and she and anna had fun giggling and chasing eachother.  They made occasional pit stops to goo at Julia.
 Grace loves holding Julia and is very gentle.  She asked to hold her at least 5 times in the hour or so that she was here.  She's going to be a good big sister pretty soon!  She always says "baby sleeping" or "baby awake."  That's pretty much all there is to a newborn!
Julia's fear radar didn't go off, so that's a good thing.  Thanks for coming over Gracie girl!

 this video is from saturday - it was sunny and anna wanted to water the flowers.  Always a good time.

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Anonymous said...

Love that girl. Does she know it pours out the mouth of the flamingo?