Friday, June 1, 2012

brags about anna

Anna's quiet the talker as you can see from the movie.  We've gotten to the point where she actually thinks and says instead of just parroting.  It feels funny to be at the point of parenthood where I can document the funny things she says!  Here we go:

We were getting ready to go camping and rich said: what do we need to go camping?  Anna: "uh binky"

We were looking for her binky before nap today and I said "uh oh were's your binky?"  we looked all over and couldn't find it.  Then Anna said:  "in the car!"  And it was there - in the car!  She's getting so smart.

The camp ground we stayed at had a lot of bunnies.  Nasty ones.  Like rats.   Anyways, we were talking about what we were going to eat and richard starts listing things:  "banana's, pizza, bread, milk"  and anna would say "yeah!" after all of them.  Then he pulled a fast one and said "bunnies?"  and anna not thinking said "yeah!"  then realized what she said and screamed "NO NO NO!"

While gettign ready to make bread I asked anna "whats in bread?"  She said "bread dough!"

Lately instead of saying yes she says YEAAA!!  its weird.  yea, pronouned yAEE.  I dont know how to write it, but its the noise you make when you're really excited about something.

Today I took annas friend zachie with us on a stroller ride.  I point things out to her while I'm running.  Zachie doesn't talk much yet, so anna took the lead in the conversation by pointing and naming everything.  She would say "look Zachie, TREES, look zachie, RHODODENDRONS".  Then she had this firetruck book in the stroller and she read it to him.  pretty cute.  She's really quiet the boss.  She likes to draw on the stroller with sidewalk chalk while we run.  Everytime she's pull out a new color she'd give one to zachie.  While we were playing in the sand she'd get him shovels.  oh anna.

She does similar things to Julia.  When we got back from our run we made some hummus for lunch.  I cut a bunch of different veggies and put them into bowls and anna put them on the table.  Julia was in the swing between us and the table.  Each time she would take a bowl to the table she would stop at julia's swing, show her what was in the bowl and say "look julia, this called apple!  or look julia this called cucumber, look julia, this called pepper"

On a similar note - I made fish tacos for dinner last night with homemade tortillas.  Anna liked the tortilla because when richard came to take away her tray she pointed at her fish taco and said "this called YUMMY!"  I love cooking when people tell me its yummy, keep it up anna!

Oh another thing about how smart she is.  We had julia in anna's room while we were putting away toys.  While I wasn't looking, anna noticed one of julias socks was gone.  She left the room and went and found it (who knows where it was!) and came back and tried to put it on.  She's not that coordinated yet so she said her usual line:  mommy help YOU.  (which means mommy, please help me!).

Anna doesn't love going to church, but she does know what we do there.  When I asked her what we do at church she said "SING!"

Richard got a book about hot pots in UT, ID, WA and OR from the library.  It had naked people on the cover.  Anna saw the people and said, "VERY DIRTY, TAKING BATH"

Every morning I ask Anna what we are going to do today.  usually she is spot on - mondays: mudpuddles, tuesday: yibary (library) with mrs. teresa, wed: wilsonville library, thursday library, friday she usually guesses OMSI or says something random.  today she said "GO POPPY IN POTTY!"

hopefully she does it.  no luck yet - i changed a poppy diaper already today - at the park mind you!

hmmm, anymore to add richard?


Shepherd said...

Your babies are getting so big! Its so fun when toddlers really begin to find their voice. Hopefully Anna's voice won't be her weapon like my Savanna's is! JUlia is so stinking cute and getting big! You guys have the cutest little family!

Kristin said...

Wow, no wonder you were on blogger all day yesterday! You've been busy! I think you're super brave to go camping with a new born. I have still never gone with Spencer. You'll have to give me some tips about finding good restaurants. We always wind up at gross ones. Anna does have some serious language skills! She seems way advanced to me. Good work Momma!

Trina said...

Anna is so cute and sooo smart!!! I love the stories!!!