Thursday, June 21, 2012

Anna Walks!

 So my previous post didn't work.  Here it is again.  Anna had a 45 minutes tantrum in the stroller.  These are mentally straining for me.  they must also drain her - she fell asleep about 3 minutes from home.
 I still took her to the library and after we walked with her friends to the water feature next door.
 We're cute and we know it!
 Kaelie snapped a few shots of Julia.  She does this often but this time she did it with my camera, which was nice because I could post them!
 Julia is always so happy and easy going.
 LL also easy going.
 The water feature was broken, so we walked up to snyder park.  On the way we stopped to watch some trucks.
 I felt like a retard sitting there watching these people work, but Anna looooves watching trucks of any kind, so we did.
 We eventually made it the 1/4 mile to the park (probably took us 45 minutes).  Anna walked up the big hill the whole way.  I was really impressed.
 Trina and Kaelie met us up there.  It was a beautiful day!  Isn't trina so gorgeous?  I love her curly hair.
 Im often very grateful for Kaelie's free and hands and willingness to help with Julia.  Julia is grateful too.
 Avrie - so cute!
 Anna is always into the big kids' business.  She always seems to make friends with boys while we are out too.  It happened yesterday and today.  I just look over and she's having a conversation about something with this little boy........silly girl.
 Avrie sat in this big nasty puddle for a long time.
 JJ didn't drink too much water.
 named nasty puddle.
 Anna eating lunch - garden fresh strawberries, peas and some yogurt!
 Chasing avrie back to her car.
 Anna walked the whole way home.
 I was again grateful for Kaelie - she gave me some red vines on her way out of the park.
 I may or may not have used them to bribe anna to walk home.  Here she is saying:  "look! volcano!"  In reference to Mt. Hood.
Another picture of mount hood.  I just wish she would continue those long naps she took last week - no luck - sun = less sleep for anna.


Kristin said...

You're such good blogger! New posts every time I check. Sorry about the 45-minute tantrum. That stinks. What a good walker though! I don't know if I could have gotten Spencer to walk that much.

Kaelie Nielsen said...

Good Times :) That's too bad about Anna's naps!