Friday, June 1, 2012

June 1st

Today was national donut day.  The Sesame donut shop in downtown sherwood had 25 cent donuts.  We went first thing this morning.  Anna loved it.  She kept saying MO DA!  I couldn't decide if I wanted a fritter or an old fashioned.  So I got both and shared them with anna. Its nice having a little person to make it so you don't have to decide!
I needed some extra weight in my stroller to work off that donut, so we went and picked up Zacharoo.  Anna loved having a friend in the stroller.  She looks like a monster compared to him, but I think its mostly that she's sitting more foreward.  As usual, someone though they were twins.  They do sort of look alike.  they are watching kids run around the  high school track in the stroller picture.
 After lunch, naps and a well child WOT (waste of time) visit to the Dr, we went to the ribbon cutting of the new water park in sherwood.  We actually played in it yesterday and took pictures then - so that's what the pics are above.  It was a lot more crowded today, but anna still had the time of her life.
Token Julia picture.
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