Wednesday, July 4, 2012

4th of July

We went blue berry picking in the morning and to the park for ward 4th of July breakfast.  Then we went up to Mt. Hood to go hiking to Mirror Lake.  Anna probably hiked a half a mile up to the lake till we lost patience and carried here.  There was just a little to much dilly dallying for us.  Trying to take dad's fishing pole and looking for sticks and holes to crawl through.  She did say a few funny things on the way we told her she had been to this lake and she told us "she went with Steve."  thinking it was the lake we went to with Uncle Steve a couple of weeks ago.  Then when we got to the lake, and when she saw the lake  she said, "We need a BOAT."  Julia was a good trooper the whole time and that was our day.  Happy 4th of July everyone.   Oh ya we didn't catch any fish.


Grandpa Buhler said...

Looked like Anna had a fish on her line.

amylynn said...

Awesome. Looks like she's testing those limits- the fun part of parenting is about the begin.
we'll pray for you.