Saturday, April 28, 2012

our favorite portland trek

 Im bouncing julia in my lap as i write this because she's really gassy from all the garlic and onions I ate today.  Anyways, so I asked my bro to tell me what we did today in his words, he said:  "we walked and walked and walked.  No we woke up made some breakfast, went to OMSI..........."  Then his wife picked up the phone and so I'll put it in my words.

 We woke up i made sick spinach pb smoothies that no one ate except me.  Then we packed the kids in the car (after I fed julia of course) and we went to OMSI (anna's favorite place in the whole world).  We played and fed the kids lunch there then took the riverside trail to the saturday market for adults lunch (we were hoping the kids would be asleep but they werent).  We ate lebanese ( nicoles favorite - falafel, hummus and tabouli - anna also loves them all).  Rich let anna play in the fountain while I got the food, she didn't know the sprayers were coming on and she got SOAKED!  She had an amazing time (she's the little kid in yellow running the water....note the only one because it was pretty cold!).
 Bryan kept E warm and dry.
 We walked back over the hawthorne bridge.  A ship came through and we had to wait for the bridge to opena nd close, that was pretty cool.  While we waiting a captured a ladybug for Anna.  Here's me and Bry.......we look special.
We hung out at home after that.  I did some yoga.  and fed julia.  The girls played outside together.  Then I decided I wanted to try Sushi since my bro loves it and I've never had it and Rich wont try it.  It was SO GOOD!  After that bryan and richard went to play raquetball.  Now im preparing my sunday school lesson, blogging, bouncing julia's farts out and listening to bryan talk to his wife.  It's been another good (but exhausting) day.


Joy Buhler said...

I'm glad that you like sushi. We should get it next time I come up. And Lebanese. It's one of my faves too!

Kristin said...

I'm always inspired to get out and do fun things like you guys do when I read your blog. I'm a bum compared to you! I'm glad you had a good time with your bro.