Wednesday, April 4, 2012

She's not totally neglected........

 It's very true the first baby gets all the pictures and the second gets the shaft.  But a lot of it is her own fault because she takes 3x as long to nurse as Anna did.  The lactation nurse blamed it on "lack of muscle tone."  To me that's just fancy language for LAZY.  (;  I'm loving her demeanor though.  I thought anna was a good baby - but NO NO NO.  Anna was horrible.  I didn't know what a good baby was!  Julia sleeps all the time.  She has only cried a total of like 5 times since she was born.  She is happy just hanging out and....well.....sleeping.
 Its a good thing I have an abundant milk supply.  She doesn't have to work for it AT ALL.  She just lays back and it flows in.  Problem is that she's too lazy to swallow - so it takes like 45 minutes to get her fed because I have to keep waking her up.  Oh well, we are successful because she's already back up to her birth weight of 9# 2 oz.
 Anna loves her fuzzy buzz sister.
 My friend kaelie pointed out that Julia doesn't have anna's teardrop eye shape.  Brittney pointed out that her mouth is different, and I think her nose is less pudgy than annas.  But they do look an awful lot alike!
 More puddle splashing.  We finally bought some rain boots so she can stop ruining all her shoes.
 Anna is not very gentle with her sister.  Julia is saying "HELP ME!!!"
 Lack of muscle tone.
 Attempting to wake up - nah - too tired.
 Ahhh gas.
 Giving us the snub.
 Very Buhler baby.
 Isn't this quilt beautiful?  My dear sister Amy made it for me.  THANK YOU!  Oh - and the PB eggs are GONE.
 Anna wanted to pose.  Can you help but laugh?
 She loves playing johnny johnny johnny jump johnny with sisters fingers.
Oh boy.  Big BUHLER sisters!!!  I just love em!


Joanna and Chris said...

Cute kids!

Kaelie Nielsen said...

Hahahaha, awesome. Thank you. I think she looks like your mom in the picture where she's looking at the camera with Anna.

Speaking of your mom, that is so awesome that she was able to come up and help.

Speaking of Anna - that was an awesome pose for the camera. hahahah.


Michael and Heather said...

Julia is so pretty! I love all of her hair. Nicole, you looks so great.

Jessica and Bronson said...

Beautiful girls!

Shepherd said...

All that gorgeous dark hair! What a beautiful baby...your Anna is so adorable, too. You and Rich make some cute babies! Good job, guys!

Kristin said...

They are both dolls and I also think they look quite a bit alike. I'm so glad that Julia's being so easy for you and hope it continues. :)