Sunday, April 15, 2012

attempted photo shoots

 anna has to try out all julia's chair's first.
 anna being GENTLE!
sleeping mom, stop trying to wake me up!
 this is julia's usual face - im so tired and sleeping - why are you bothering me??
look at her mowhawk


Kristin said...

Precious! That's all there is to say about both of your dolls.

Kaelie Nielsen said...


Trina said...

ADORABLE!!! I would say it was a successful photo shoot! What cute daughters you have!

Breea Heiner said...

They are both adorable. Elizabeth only wants to look at your blog. She just keeps saying more, over and over again. I hope she loves Anna and Julia as much in person.

rachel said...

I LOVE these fotos! They are so adorable and it is fun being able to see your cute girls! Congratulations!