Tuesday, April 3, 2012


 Rich and I look really grouchy.  We're totally not!  We love Julia and are very happy - we just had a hard time taking a picture!
 Richard imitating Julia.
 Brittney Zachie and Jesse Came to visit this morning.  They are having ?Amelia?Olivia?Elizabeth on thursday!!  Zachie didn't really care.
 Anna building a TALL TALL TOWER with grandpa.  My dad made these cool blocks for us!
Grandma and Julia sunbathing!


pbuhler5 said...

Thanks for the pictures!

Kaelie Nielsen said...

Cuteness. You guys look really angry at the photographer.

I didn't tell you when I saw you, but I was amazed that you had just gone for a walk and went to Costco the day before. Julia is proof that you were pregnant and had a baby, but otherwise, I wouldn't believe it.

Way to go! We c-section moms envy your abilities and recovery. Like I said before, you've got this whole Mom-of-multiple-kids thing in the bag.

Hopefully my runny nose will be gone soon so I can hold Julia! She looks so precious.