Wednesday, April 11, 2012

rain rain go away!

 These are pics from tuesday.  In the morning, avrie came over to visit.  We did a stroller swap - anna adores avrie's car stroller and was thrilled to borrow it for a day.  After Avrie left, anna's friend Gracie came and took her for the morning (thank you Emily!) while Julia and I took a long nap.  Julia had a rough night monday night - up every hour.
 Later in the day we went over to Avries to get our stroller back and to hang out because I locked us all out of the house.  Anna and avrie ate oatmeal at a small table.  Pretty cute!
 When dad got home we walked back home.  Julia fits nicely in the back part of the stroller.  She's pretty cute back there and I can see her while I'm walking.  It's also nice because she's safe from anna back there.
 Julia in the back
 Anna reading books in the front.

 Later it poured rain.  Since julia was napping I took anna out for her favorite activity - puddle splashing!
 Running anna - a rare sight.
 Splash splash splash.
 who me? 

Video below is Avrie dancing and Anna chasing her.  I think Anna might have thought about dancing - but mostly she just runs around - again, anna running, a rare sight (:


Liv said...

Kev got a car just like that for Aspen from an abandoned rental property. Only problem is it does NOT have a handle. So I spend all afternoon hunched over, pushing Aspen around. Too funny.

Anna looks so cute in her rain boots! I want some just like them.

Heartfelt Blossoms said...

Those boots are worth every penny. Looks like lots of fun.