Saturday, May 5, 2012

two for three





3 of Anna's friends are turning 2 next week.  She's still got 2 months till she's two.  I figured out why all Anna's friends are girls!  All the boys were born 2 years before them (Spencer, Andrew, Trapper) that way they can marry them when they get back from their missions.  Just kidding.  But really, maybe that's how it works....lots of boys one year, then lots of girls the next.  Who knows.

Also, Anna loves her friends Britt and Zachie.  Every day she wakes up asking to play with a different friend.  yesterday it was Britt-y Zachie.  So we went over and interrupted their morning.  Anna and Zachie like to rough house (see above).  She loves her friends that are boys!  And of course they fed her and Anna had to get in her snuggles with Britty!

Below are pictures of me and my friend heidi bouldering at club sport.  We got a week membership there so we've been working out like crazy.  last night Heidi and I bouldered, then played racquet ball.  We suck at both, but it was fun to pretend like we actually do stuff other than watch our kids sometimes.

Not that watching my kids is bad.  Julia is sleeping good.  At first she was just sleepy, but now I think her good behavior (like Anna's) is due to babywise to a T.  I wake her up every 2.5 hours during the day and make her eat - no snacking at this house.  So, its a lot of work during the day - but it makes the nights much nicer.  This is a picture of an average day.  Slightly messy house.  Anna dancing around in a swimsuit.  Holding julia between feeds waiting for her to burp.  A stack of books and cookbooks at my feet waiting to be read.  Life is good.

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Nate said...

Cute, cute pictures! I may have to steal the ones from the party. Thanks for coming, we love Anna!

Nate said...

Um, that was Emily, by the way, turns out I'm logged into Nathan's account...