Sunday, April 8, 2012

1 week old - PARTY TIME

Because Julia is such a good baby we were able to have a fun saturday celebrating easter and her 1 week birthday!  Richard put a yard of compost in the garden in the morning. While he was doing this I got called into work.
 Before we left for work we had an easter egg hunt in the front yard (they was an easter party in newberg for anna, so we figured everyone would come to work with me since i only had to work like 10 minutes).  My mom left some eggs for Anna before she went home on friday.  Anna loves chocolate.
 When anna came in from collecting her eggs we stripped her down.  She brought her candy in and sat next to Julia where she instructed her "no eat candy baby!"  She's already great at bossing her sister around.
 Although she wasn't going to share with Julia, cookie monster was able to finagle some jelly beans.
 Later at the newberg easter egg hunt, anna petted lambs chickens and other farm animals.  her favorite was the lamb though.  She also loved the person in a dog costume, even after she saw him dismantle his head.
 After I put in a hard 10 minutes of work, we stopped by wilco for some plants.  Richard bought leeks, cauliflower and a package of onions.
 We came home and cleaned up the house and richard dug in some compost.  our friends the Nielsens brought us some hummy hazelnut stuffed sugar cookies.  Then we took off to see the cherry blossoms in downtown portland.  Richard took anna for a jog around the bridged while I gaurded Julia from the homeless people and 1/2 naked prom going teenagers.  The cherry blossoms weren't picture worthy.  But it was still fun to go downtown.  On the way back We looked like homeless people ourselves....see above and below.......
 I fed Julia in the car with my nursing cover and hood on.  we look AWESOME.
Rich and anna sat in the front and ate a brown bag dinner while I fed julia.  It was fun but I'm glad we dont live out of our corolla.  It was an awesome day.  I'm so glad I I've got a best friend for a husband.


Kristin said...

Fun day! You're so adventurous! I hated taking Spencer anywhere when he was a newborn. It was just too stressful for me. I'm glad you're not a hermit like me and didn't miss out on the gorgeous weather this weekend!

Trina said...

You guys are amazing!!! You fit so much into a Saturday and with Julia so young!!!

Heartfelt Blossoms said...

You are Super Momma!!! I think you look like a muslim in your get up. But I love you!!! and Anna and Julia and Richard!!!!