Sunday, April 8, 2012

Easter Sunday

 Our dearest neighbors Dorothy and Brad hid some eggs for Anna.  She knew just what to do!!
 Open them up and eat the chocolate!!
 She was very ginger in picking up the ones around my flowers - she's gotten in trouble for stepping on them enough times........
 here she is dropping the eggs in the bucket.
 Dorothy and Brad have a tradition of giving their kids piggy banks when young so they have a place to put change!  Before Julia came, they bought banks for Anna and Julia.  Then in the easter eggs they put change for anna to put in her bank.  She LOVED putting them in!

 Richards parents sent us some easter dresses for the girls.  Anna was NOT cooperative for a picture.
 Please note anna having a tantrum in the background.  Julia is DARLING in her little pink dress.  I might put her in it every day because she'll grow out of it so soon!  THANK YOU THANK YOU GRANDMA AND GRANDPA!
 After church we remembered it had been a few days since it rained and my flowers were dying.  Really I just remembered and was worried about it so I made richard water my flowers.  Good man.
 Here is anna, petting the flowers.
And smelling them!


Liv said...

HAHAHAHA easter tantrums are the best!

we have a nice neighbor named dorothy too, and she left some goodies on our doorstep this afternoon for miss aspen.

happy easter!

Trina said...

Adorable photos!!!

The Merkleys said...

Oh my goodness! I told William just a week ago that he needed to call Richard and see if you had that baby yet! And I'm awful at checking blogs lately, so here I am. Julia is PRECIOUS! And that dark hair! Almost makes me baby hungry...ALMOST. So cute with Anna too. Congratulations!!

amylynn said...

I love all the pics and posts- Just a question, is Julia almost always naked- or just for pictures and video? I do however think she is adorable with or without clothes. I'm glad you guys had a good easter. What awesome neighbors you have across the street. It warms my heart knowing that they take care of you like we would if we were there. And I so wish I was- I really want to squeeze your little lovelies!
Loves- sister