Monday, September 5, 2011

I get by with a little help from my friends.

Richards sweet grandma passed away last friday. We love her. We are also glad that she is now reunited with her husband, mom, dad, sister and little baby boy. We wouldn't miss her funeral for the world, so we decided to make a suprise trek to Utah! Turns out the funeral is now friday, but I was antsy to get down here to see my we took the drive.
Anna is real bad in the car. So bad that it's painful to go to church because she screams the whole way. Church is within walking distance. Bountiful is about 700 miles. So my dear friends (anna's friends moms) were really concerned for my mental hea!lth and brought me gifts to help the ride go a little smoother......thank you friends - what would I do without you!
And smoother it was! Anna hardly cried at all, slept for 5 or so of the 14 hour drive and read books/played with toys for the other 9 hours. Her uncle steven was kind enough to help us drive there since rich has to work - he played with her at the park and entertained her while we were driving. It was AMAZING! We got here at like 8:30 at night.
Boy was Anna overwhelmed. Not only was it past her bedtime - but there was like triple the amount of adults that she is used to - and all giving her 100% attention! So I tried putting her down in grandmas basement. It was little sketchy at first but after a little snuggle she went down okay and slept through the night.
But don't worry - we were up at the usual 5:00. We had our oatmeal and headed to the park with grandma where anna chased a stray cat instead of playing on the big toy. She went down the slide a few times with pure delight having grandma at the end (: On the way home we stopped at a few neighbors houses to visit. Anna loved the dog beau and parakeets and goldfish at leanns.
When we got home Suprise! Aunt Amy and crew were there! So we packed up the girls (amy, me, anna, amber, baby jane (you can see her bonnet) and went on my favorite hike above the temple. It was fun. cousin amber was butt sliding down the hill. Anna kept signing "down" - so I put her down and she copied amber butt sliding it down the hill. It took a LONG time to get down (:
When we got home Uncle andy and Aunt virginia were here with cousins remi and chole. Anna likes to follow Remi around (he's 6 mo older than her). Well she loves to follow all the cousins around. So we've just been chatting and now they are all at cherry hill and anna is down for a nap. I think I may join her.........
thanks for camera bry and breea! its really nice and fast to upload to blogger!


Sherpa said...

Glad you made it okay. I'll be seeing you guys tomorrow evening probably!

Kaelie Nielsen said...

I'm so glad Anna slept, liked the toys and was good for you! She's so cute. I hope you're having a good trip, thanks for blogging!

Bryan said...

Boy, you have some great friends to give anna some distractions. Glad you are putting the camera to good use. I enjoy seeing non hurry pics.