Saturday, September 17, 2011

oh boy

You know you are pregnant when

1. you crave waffles for dinner. not just waffles though. deep pocket belgian waffles with real syrup.

2. You go for a run to Shari's with Anna just to get waffles.

3. While perusing the menu you see waffles and fried chicken with gravy as an entree. You think it sounds good and order it (who else in their right mind would think that sounds good - except maybe my brother bryan).

4. You eat it all.

5. You are able to run the 2 miles home after eating 3 pieces of fried chicken and a waffle (okay, that's just a side note. it has nothing to do with pregnancy).

6. You lay on the couch sick the rest of the night.

I'm 12 weeks (: I've been really tired and sick but I think I'm getting better. Never again will I eat fried chicken and waffles for dinner.


Breea Heiner said...

waffles and fried chicken? hmmm... doesn't sound like a good combo.

Cassidy&Dustin said...

Congrats Nicole!! I hope you get past the yucky stage soon!

Richard and Nicole said...

it just sounds yucky!!!! All of it but I'm glad you and Richard are giving Anna a teammate for the Buhlers.

Richard and Nicole said...

that last comment wasn't richard and Nicole it was Mom Dumb blogger

Liv said...

i'm not pregnant but waffles and fried chicken sound pretty darn good.

hope you start feeling better soon! best wishes for the rest of your pregnancy.

Spenny and Nellie Morris said...

Ohh-yea, congrats Nicolie wolie! Really waffles and fried chicken? Whatever makes you happy! :) I'm sorry you've been sick. It's no fun while chasing around a toddler! Logan would go around the house saying "mommy" and making pretend throwing up noises when I was prego. :)

I hope you get feeling much better.

The Lloyds said...

Whoot Whoot! So excited for you guys! Can't wait to meet baby #2.

Kasi said...

Ha ha! Yeah! I'm so excited for you!