Thursday, September 8, 2011

Sister Act

A trip to utah would not be complete if I didn't spend a day with my best friend and sister Amy Lynn. Last time we stayed at Amy's she had a newborn and Anna didn't sleep at all. It was a little rough. This time she has a 4 month old baby Jane who is Pretty much the happiest baby on the earth. Anna took a great nap in the closet and it was a GOOD TIME.

Anyways, Jane is roll'n and rock'n on all fours. She's read to go. Anna loved her. She loved to watch her and poke her eyes out. She's funny. We pawned evan off to a friends house while the older 2 were at school and took the girls for walk. Amy has the most beautiful mountains around her house. I love walking there. Anyways of this picture my sis in law joy said "you have the baby that ate the other baby...." seriously.
But Amy also has 3 more kids. Gavin, Amber and Evan. Evan is always picked on by Amber and Gavin, so he really enjoyed having Anna around so he could be the boss for once. It was nice for me because he'd tell her no when she got into drawers and put things away that she got out. Anna is a bit of a star at their house for the first hour or so - Gavin and Amber give her tons of attention. When Gavin got home from school he was feeding her pretzels one by one and making her say "please" before he would give her more. Pretty funny. Amber mostly wanted to pick anna up - which is a bit sketchy because Anna probably weighs just as much if not more than Amber.
Amy's really got her kids on a schedule in the morning. Its a busy busy time and I think Anna and I were a little distracto's to the game plan. But I enjoyed it anyways. The video below is us distracting everyone during morning scripture study. Thanks for letting us come sister sister! We love you and mostly your kiddo's. They are hilarious.


Kaelie Nielsen said...

Woah! I didn't know you'd be so awesome at the blogging! How fun to read about the good times with your family and friends. It seems you are surrounded by a lot of loving people, I'm glad you got to visit them. :)

Bryan said...

There is a big size difference between those kiddos.