Thursday, September 8, 2011

eat ride slide

We had a little more time at the Heiners before we headed out to the airport wednesday. Grandpa had a great time playing with Anna outside.

My dad put our playhouse up in the air when my little bro and sis were still little (they are 14 and 15 now). There is a big blue slide that goes down to the ground. I guess anna kept wanting to climb up it, but my dad set her straight and helped her down a few times. She loved it. What a dare devil. She would always grab onto him on her way down though.....
They also have one of those slides that you ride a car down. She kept saying "weeee" every time grandpa would push her down. She had this big old smile on her face too. What a cutie. Thanks for saving me that back ache dad!
My mom treated us to my favorite: CAFE RIO. oh yum. Anna enjoyed it too.
Sideways video of the car ride slide.

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Bryan said...

I wish I knew an easy way to rotate videos. Looks like she's going to love amusement parks and fair rides.