Thursday, September 8, 2011

Made it to Vernal

Anna screamed from Salt Lake to Heber. We stopped in Heber and got her some milk. She drank it up then continued to cry. It's a bad thing when babies get too tired. She sort of fell asleep but would wake up every 15 or so minutes and scream for a bit then go back to sleep. It made for a horrible midnight trip to Vernal. But we did make it and I was able to enjoy some SLEEP this morning while Anna hung out with the buhlers. I heard that her favorite two things were grandpas tomatoes and the dog lady, who she was actually brave enough to pet. Anna went back to bed for a few hours and just woke up because she pooped her pants - I made richard change it (he's been off duty for so long I deserve a break). But I guess I bet get into the shower, we are off to grandma feilds viewing in Peoa. Please pray that Anna doesn't scream this whole ride.


Bryan said...

E loves dogs too. She is learning to be soft with them.

Sherpa said...

Anna isn't really soft with Lady, but she wasn't too rough with her. Lady just stands there next to me--an easy target and the most non-threatening dog ever.