Wednesday, September 21, 2011


They play this song at toddler time (song and storytime that we go to at the library 2 x per week). Anna was making the actions for it this morning so I attempted to sing it. Richard was laughing at me. It's pretty cheesy. Anyways, we look at animals on youTube all the time and LUCKY US! Animal Action is on there too - for your enjoyment (:

BTW anna hits me in the face when I move like the animals. I guess I embarrass her. Who knew you could embarrass someone that walks around all day with snot stuck to her face and the morning's oatmeal in her hair!


pbuhler5 said...

There's no link to the song on you Tube on your blog

Richard and Nicole said...

click on "this song" It works on our computer b/c we've done it like 5 times already today.

Sherpa said...

I can see why Rich would make fun of you. ;)

I look at animal videos a lot too and I don't even have a 14 month old!

Breea Heiner said...

HU-LAR-IOUS! Seriously, I laughed out loud it was so funny to me. Especially the last paragraph.

Richard and Nicole said...

send them our way sherpa!

thanks bree-z. she loves elizabeth's video too. we watch that thing over and over. you need to post more!