Sunday, September 11, 2011

The Reason We Went

So the pictures in this post are backwards. read it from bottom to top.

more pictures at grandmas farm. Anna signing "please" or "help". These signs could be translated to "I want ___ now!"
After the funeral we hung around peoa, went to park city, stayed at richard's mom's friend Debbie's house and then drove to Boise to stay with our friends Levi and Jamie Lloyd. They have 2 wee ones, Lucy and Hallie. They are adorable. Lucy entertained anna for us. They were getting into a little bit of mischief, jumping on the bed and pulling all the toys out like crazy. It was rough trying to get anna to bed, but we finally did it and slept through night - left at 6:30 am - drove all day and got home to green green portland. Rich built a fort for anna in the backseat and they read some books on the way home while Uncle Steven drove and I slept. Wonderful, thank you Steven! Now anna is in bed and ITS GOOD TO BE HOME (:
I didn't take any pictures at the funeral that day. I was too busy trying to keep Anna under wraps. It was a wonderful service. I think Grandma would have loved it. My mom did the flowers which made it a little extra special. Joy, richard's older sister talked, as well as his cousins Trudy, Shad and Jake. True's neighbor, bishop, cousin and friend also talked (all one person - Bishop Jorgensen). I appreciated his words about what a great and loving friend True was. We love Grandma and are so grateful for the plan of salvation which allows us to see her again.
Pretty sunrise with Anna on daddy's shoulders.
Grandma's farm. She lived on the same property her whole life. She was born in that house that is falling apart. Later her dad built the white house in the top corner. True lived there with her dad and sister (her mom and brother died when she was young). She then lived there with her husband Keith. Richard would stay at the farm and help during the summers.A view of woodenshoe lane valley.
I felt weird taking pictures at the viewing, but it was good. I now understand why viewings happen - so that people can say some last words to the family, because there isn't really time at the funeral. it was fun to see all rich's cousins. I've seen a lot of them in blogs but never in person. It was hard for me to look at Grandma. We spent the night at Grandmas house, which we didn't really want to do but did anyways. It was a rough night, but we had a great morning walking around the farm with anna at sunrise. We saw some sandhill cranes in the field right next to the house. Anna is pointing at them in the picture above.
The reason we went to Utah was for Grandmas Funeral. We left vernal wednesday afternoon to go to the viewing in Peoa Utah (by Park City). We stopped at cafe rio on the way out, but anna wouldn't have a bite. Rich had been changing her poops that morning, and she had one at cafe rio that I changed and it was watery diarrhea. I said - Uh oh, Anna's sick. She won't eat cafe rio and has diarrha. Its going to be a long ride. It was. She threw up just outside Roosevelt. Then I started getting sick. It was a long ride to Peoa but we made it to the viewing.

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