Monday, September 5, 2011

cherry hill

Cherry hill is a water/family fun park in Utah. We went there today for a good time with the heiner/yorks. I didn't get any water pictures for pretty obvious reasons. It was an overcast day and anna got a bit cold ( lips blue, feet blue, cheeks blue) - so we decided to go mini golfing after a couple of hours of water slides and lazy rivers.
Anna was sort of a pain mini golfing, but still fun. It was fun to hang out with my dad. Anna liked to climb through the obstacles.
Chloe and uncle andy stopped by for a couple holes.
This is all the cousins before we left grammas house. chloe is mad because gavin took something from her. Remi and anna are like "whats going on" and amber is just chill'n. Thanks for the good time grandma!

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Bryan said...

Sounds fun! Sorry we weren't around.