Thursday, December 29, 2011

we didn't get nuth'n

that's a double negative.  We are so so so spoiled!  Anna pretty much enjoyed 5 present opening sessions.  First at the buhlers!  She wasn't too sure at first, but did love opening up her presents, and adored everything that was opened - especially the clothes from uncle steven and aunt joy, which seems strange for someone pint sized.

After our un-christmas christmas at the buhlers, we drove back to bountiful to spend real christmas with my family.  First thing we went to get family pictures at the capitol.  Richard is really excited to see them.  He asks at least once a day if they came yet.  They are ought to be really cute.  After that my mom treated us to a rib dinner - wow it was good.  Then present opening #2.  We exchange homemade gifts.  My sister amy made us the coolest book - the ABC of anna's family.  She absolutely loves it.

 Next was real christmas morning at aunt amy's house.  For most of the morning anna found a quiet corner to read books in and to get away from the commotion.  smart girl.  Anna was spoiled by aunt amy, who gave her a doll stroller - which is her favorite toy at friends houses - so we're happy to have our own now so that the toys can be delivered to every room.  Of course this happened pre-stroller, but now that anna's toy carrying capacity has increased 10 fold I am finding myself tripping over toys in every room instead of just in the hall between her room and front room.
 Anna loved cousin amber's doll house - you can see she is putting a turtle in the barbie baby rocker.  BTW my dad made that house.  pretty amazing - and huge.
 Next up christmas afternoon at grandma heiner's house!  Lucky us!  Grandma heiner went crazy on anna (:  She loves all her gifts.  So much that I took them away so that I can give them to her at later phases when she gets bored with her current toys.  Her favorite thing from grandma so far is the heads book.  My dad also made us some COOL COOL blocks, which is something I love to play with and have been secretly wanting since anna was born.  Sadly they were too heavy (and stinky) to take on the plane.....we'll get them next time someone visits I hope!

Christmas day was fun.  We went to church with aunt amy, then drove to my mom's and hung out with all the family - cousin elizabeth and cousins chloe and remi.  Mom made the most delicious ham.  Rich and I both agree that it was our favorite food that we had the whole trip (well it probably tied with that tri-tip joyce!).  thanks mom (s).  After dinner mom rushed us to the airport and ahhhhhhhhhhhh we made it home.  It's good to be home.  Oh so good to be home.

We've decided that our trip was successful on several counts. 1- anna can name her cousins when we point to their pictures.  Except for some reason she gets evan and remi mixed up.  2- anna loves her daddy more, she asks for him a lot more now. if only she'd call his name instead of mine when she wakes up in the night  3 - we have more appreciation for our parents and siblings and the crazy/loving people they are  4- we have much more appreciation for our boring life back home.

thanks for letting us hangout at your houses family!

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Heartfelt Blossoms said...

Thanks for coming. We miss you but are so proud of you being grown-up and loving your life in oregon. Luvs you. Mom