Sunday, December 4, 2011

pilla pilla

this is from the weekly email we get about anna:

You've noticed that your toddler seems to copy everything he sees - it's how he learns. And it includes mimicking words, at which he's becoming more and more precise. By now he can probably say about six words (plus "mama" and "dada") and babble whole conversations that include several clear words. He also loves hearing (and dancing to) songs with responses and gestures. Like most things, he wants to hear them over and over and over.

It is her to a T! She copies everything we do! She mimiks all sorts of words - catapillar = pilla pilla, bread = brea, bath = baa, milk = mi

She loves eincy weency spider and teddy bear teddy bear turn around and ring around the rosie and wheels on the bus. She remembers the actions and does them - its really cute.

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