Saturday, December 3, 2011


Last pregnancy all I remember craving was fried chicken and soft serve ice cream.

This time I think I'm a lot more crazy and I have a touchy appetite.

Last week I was craving cheesy bread. We bought a pizza. That didn't cut. I'm still craving that. I think I better hold off on the cheesy bread though, I'm sure we'll have pizza at my mom's house.

Today I was craving blueberry bagels. So I tried to sub by making blueberry muffins. Didn't cut it. So we went and got some, brought em home toasted and buttered em. yum yum.

that's it. just wanted to put it out there that this pregnancy has made me a crazier and more needy woman. Sorry richard.

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Shepherd said...

It was just today that I was reminicing with a friend about the insane food cravings I had during both pregnancies. With Savanna, I ate an entire dish of seven layer chip dip for supper once. With Dakson, I ate an entire jar of jalapeno jelly and cream cheese with crackers over a two day period. Whatever baby gets!