Thursday, December 22, 2011


Richard is from Vernal UT.  We've been here since last friday.  It's a pretty great place, mostly because grandma and grandpa and aunt joy dote on anna so we get to rest.  But there are things to do here....if you don't mind venturing out into 30 degree shopping at walmart, smiths and Cal Ranch.  Oh yeah, and eating at cafe rio.  Although last time we ate there anna barfed, so i haven't wanted to go back this time.  Anyways, the other day we went shopping at Smiths.  Richard thought it was pretty funny how Anna shops so we got it on video but i can't get it to upload, maybe later.  He now understands why I wake up at 5:30 or 6:00 to go grocery shopping without her.  I love it when rich goes out and about with Anna and I because I always end up feeling vindicated in my petty frusterations with toddlerhood.
 We took a trip to browns park.  It is 1.5 hours in a car to get there.  The scenery is pretty (in it's own way).  You have to go through wyoming to get there and when you get there you are 10 miles from colorado.  Anyways, the highlight of the trip was that anna slept in the car the whole way there.  But it's a pretty special place for the buhlers i guess because his brother steven was REALLY mad that we went without him. 
 This is Browns Park.  Yup, we drove 1.5 hours each way to get here.  Rich was happy with the trip because we saw elk and deer.  Girl elk and man deers.  Seeing those horns is all he cares about.
Back at the Buhlers, anna really enjoyed placing stuffed toys on this rocking chair and rocking them.  Aunt Joy says she was watching anna and anna got away for just a few minutes.  when she went to find her she was feeding a stuffed penguin yogurt.  She loooves the toys at grandmas house.

Since anna was having such a great time with the Buhlers, Richard decided to give me a suprise!  It is our anniversary today (the 22), so we left anna and went to the B&B where we had our 1st night together - the Johnson Mill in Midway UT.  It was so much fun, I enjoyed every second.  Sadly we forgot our camera, but this is the room we stayed in.  We walked to a restaurant (which ended up being yucky - im picky), then came back and played foos ball for a while.  Somehow I got richard to watch the notebook.  He assured me that he'll take care of me when I'm old and cooky.  Before breakfast the next morning I had succeeded in taking 3 baths in the amazing jetted tub which was set next to a fire place and a window with a view of softly falling snow.  That was the life.  Before heading to SLC to pick up steven from the airport, we were served strawberry stuffed french toast with bacon and cantaloupe.  So goood.  Im so happy rich planned a suprise for me, I'm too cheap to splurge on something like that - but I do enjoy a good time! 

When we got back we had a stronger desire to play with anna.  Rich pulled her in the firewood sled over the inch of crusty snow in the back yard.  She and the dogs loved it.  Last night Rich's parent's friends came over to chat.  Of course we talked about animals.  Somehow it was mentioned that rich and I eat a lot of lentils.  Paul hates them and his friends didn't even know what they were!  Can you believe not knowing what a lentil is?  One of his dad's friends had eaten a woodchuck before.  But no lentils.  I guess that's vernal for you.  Exotic in it's own way.


Kaelie Nielsen said...

Like I said on the phone: Mad Props to Richard! That room looks so cozy! Happy Anniversary to the MAX. Browns Park... hmm... looks pretty brown in the winter. Worth 3 hours in the car with a baby? Well, that's up to the ones going there I guess. You got an absolutely adorable photo of Anna in the process - so that's good. Haha - Yogurt covered penguin - Anna is so generous.

Liv said...

a few things: happy anniverary and merry christmas!

and i totally get you with those feelings of vindication. it's like 'see?! i'm not just a bad parent! this kid is crazy!'