Saturday, December 17, 2011

pre-christmas with a toddler

Anna and I have been in Utah for a week. We had to leave Rich home (someone's got bring home the bacon). It's been a fun time watching Anna experience new things!
The airport was a blast. I think anna ran a marathon on the moving walkways. She couldn't quite figure out why she wasn't going anywhere....she made a lot of people laugh...

First we went to my Grandpas in Wyoming and experienced SNOW! Anna was able to enjoy it for about a 1/2 hour thanks to the snow suit our neighbors bought us (thanks Dorothy and Brad!). I didn't think it would be smart to take her out longer than that in 15 degree weather. It was great for anna to meet great grandma and grandpa Heiner - although she was rather shy and grouchy.

On the way home from WY my mom dropped us off at my sisters house in Morgan UT. Anna loved all the attention her cousins gave her. She even got to be part of a 3 yr old's playgroup for the morning. She's a bit short for that table in the pic below. Her cousins loved bossing her around. It was hard for anna and I to say goodbye to aunt amy's but we'll be back on christmas day.  This is anna digging into the christmas book box at aunt amy's.

Tuesday night we stayed at my mom's house.  My mom is really busy with her flower business, but we were able to get her to play with us a little bit.  Anna loved all the toys at grandmas, especially the dollhouse.  My dear friend rachel came and visited with us and we went to the bountiful temple.  We also went to story time at the bountiful library, but anna was too busy exploring to pay attention.  Tuesday night we visited my brother andy in w. valley.  Anna loves her cousins!  She came down with pink eye and luckily aunt virginia had some left over drops for us.  thank you!

Thursday night my mom and dad took my brother andy and I and our kids to the Hogle Zoo Lights.  it was awesome.  Anna loved every minute, except at the start when everyone was going in and she had to wait for me to put her sweater, coat, sweatpants, snowpants, hats and hoods on.  She was so excited to go in that as soon as I put her down she started running, and fell flat on her face because she was so bundled that she counldn't run right and she also couldn't stop her fall.  Grandma is a spoiler and took us all on the carousel.  Anna loved riding on the animals!  This is a bad pic of her and gma, but really cute of cousin chloe! (above)
Here is anna and uncle and and cousin remi next to the voluptous gorilla.
Is anna sumo baby or what?  well we all look like sumo people acutally.
Zoo lights were awesome.  We couldn't get enough.  the movie is anna waving bye bye to the animals. she loves to say bye over and over as if she was a movie star.  thanks mom and dad.

Now to the buhlers.  We drove to vernal to be with aunt joy and gma and gpa buhler.  Uncle steven is too cool to come hang out with us until right before christmas.  Here is anna decorating the tree.  She loved it.  And she is so good and doesn't really play with it.  Dad put a train around the base of the tree which she will just watch and watch.  She also has all of dad's old little people toys to play with, but I think I like them more than she does(they are the same ones I had as a kid - the little people zoo and farm and car lot - anyone else remember those?)! 
We went to see a 3$ 3D movie with aunt Joy.  Hugo.  Anna was amazing.  She just sat there for about 30 minutes of the movie with these glasses on - until she pooped her pants.  Then the fun was over and I sent her out with dad.  I was pleasantly suprised at how long she lasted.  Hugo was a good show, it was fun to go to a movie.  (Last movie rich and I saw was in Harry Potter 7 in July, before that was Harry Potter 6 last december).


Breea Heiner said...

I can not get over how dang cute she is! I am dying here that we won't be in Utah until right before you leave. I want to eat those cheeks and just stare and that pretty blonde hair. Can't wait to see you guys at the end of this week, wahoo!

Kristin said...

I'm glad you guys are having such a good time, but bummer about the pink eye! I totally know what little people stuff you're talking about. Spencer still likes to play with Debbie's old set. Enjoy the rest of the week and Merry Christmas!

Spenny and Nellie Morris said...

Hey Nicole! I saw your post--traveling with kids is not easy! When Logan was younger, his sleeping was horrible!! I would have to lay by him for like a hour and a half until he fell asleep, and then he would be up screaming about 5 times each night. But Grace is much better! She still woke up a little, but we brought her pack and play and her blankets, so that although she was in a new place every night, at least she had something familiar. I think that helps. It also helps if you can do your same bedtime routine that you do at home---like reading a book or singing a song before bed. As far as the clinglyness....I think it's just her age. Both my kids have been like that. You want them to be all cute with your families, but you have to remember that they don't get to see them very often, so they are kind of strangers to her. :( My kids have done better if I"m not around, so sometimes I try and get her distracted so that she can have some play time without me around. Good luck! I know how rough traveling with toddlers can be!